Conquering Monster's

He couldn't say how he really felt
Maybe because he was scared. 
Scared of the way it felt so easy
It all just seemed to flow so smoothly Towards all that is equitable.
If his heart had a say it would leap from his chest and chase opportunity as it appeared.
But it was his fears that spoke instead. 
Ringing in his ear were voices of deceit. 
They scoffed at him and mocked him loudly. 
Consumed by the rage that lived inside, he stripped himself of all that is serene
He ran anxiously
The gravel crunching under his feet.
His motives seemed insane.
We've heard since we were young that Monster's don't to stalk during daylight, but
that is a false accusation. 
His being was attacked by the monsters he carried within.
It was torcher a tunnel with no end 
His heart in denial of all the goodness he possessed.
Until he looked up the
There she was 
Dainty, perfectly flawed, and wise.
Though she craved him in the worst way
Her heart wanted him so innocently,
To love his soul and all that he could be
With her hands she cupped his face, and felt the pain he hid inside
In her eyes he found his home
She whispered slowly"Everything's okay"
The monsters paused for a moment and the fears melted at the sound of her voice. 
Strength found it's way to the smile on his face and with this newfound courage he slayed the monster's that taunted his mind. 
With her he was safe and with him she found purpose. 


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Kate G

Tue 1st Sep 2020 12:19

Fantastic. Loved this line:
If his heart had a say it would leap from his chest and chase opportunity as it appeared.

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Paul Sayer

Tue 1st Sep 2020 07:46

Words of comfort and wisdom sometimes are so hurtful our very soul questions its reasons for existing, for troubling its self for seeking answers we don't want to comprehend or even believe... knowing them to be wise and true sets us against our very being.

I guess we must surrender to the knowledge that is as yet unknown until we can fully comprehend the ifs buts whys and wherefores of what was and most importantly now is.

Know your true self is beautiful and see then what others see now.

-J, your poetry shines as do you.


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