The monster

You don’t know about the anger and rage

Which has mutated and grown with age

Only let loose when I engage 

In the booth or on stage

Normal people are able to contain and control 

(We’re all a bit psycho)

But normal people hold it in their subconscious 

Only coming out in hallucinations when they’re unconscious 

Grown with time the rage has become monstrous 

Constantly living in fear

Of one day losing control

No longer able to contain the monster that has replaced my soul


Here’s the worst kept secret 

Everyone should know about

I’m paranoid and insecure 

Living a life full of doubt

But don’t get me wrong I know the difference between reality 

And what my brain tells me to see

I sit like a picture in a frame 

Tryna work out what people really sayin

Figuring out if I’m insane or are they to blame


Your words don’t cut deep enough

Here’s a glass shard

Have some fun with that 

While I take a nap

I’ll see you tomorrow 

Where you can dream of an award show

And money and fame

You know that if you get it it will be overshadowed with shame

You’re not supposed to be happy

You’re life’s supposed to be crappy

Now calm down and stop being so scrappy

Bow to beelzebub 

Then you’ll be accepted into the club

Your monster will consume and become you

But no one will ever be able to touch you

The only thing you will feel is pain in the hole

That is left by what was once your soul



◄ Rebuilding

A message to God and my Nan ►


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