One and only Friend

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You are the shadow to my light

With me your future will be bright 

I am the sun

You are the moon

You are the black 

I am the white


As long as I’m alive 

I will always be by your side

You're trying to be alone again


But I won’t let you face that pain again 


Trapped in all that darkness 

Now you’ve become heartless. 

Everyone else has come to hate you 

I still have my faith in you 


I won’t give up and let you break our bond

Because I don’t want our memories to be gone 

I’ll keep reaching out my hand

Cause I’m your One and only Friend 


We both knew the same pain and lost our purpose 

During the time it felt like life was worthless 

They saw me as a demon 

For life, I had no reason 


You wanted to avenge and kill your brother 

For killing the clan including father and mother

You were the only one to survive 

Vengeance became your way to thrive 

We didn’t grow up like any another 

Our lives were so similar to each other

But one day a person reached out their hand

He saved me from loneliness

 I still face struggles but I’m closer to bliss


I want all to acknowledge me and be respected 

There are some still hate me, I feel neglected 

It's the power I have that spreads fear

But acknowledgement is almost near

I’m getting closer to reaching my goal

More people acknowledge me, I almost feel whole 

But your hate grew more and more, your heart is getting colder 

I felt compelled to look over your shoulder


You saw me getting stronger and that pushed you to the edge 

Ended up leaving to get stronger and get revenge 

You went rogue and your path is now filled with red

You tried to kill off those who still love you

I still see you as my brother and want to save you 

I went through strenuous training 

Because your world was still raining 

I endured all the pain for you 

Cause no one else had faith in you 


I’ll forever reach out my hand 

Because I’m your One and Only friend 




passion and sadness

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Jordyn Elizabeth

Wed 16th Sep 2020 02:45

This is a beautiful piece! I absolutely loved reading. Well done.


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