A Staccato burst of energy kick-starts my heart, fueling energy from inside, the splitting sound of a guitar sends shivers up my spine. 
Each chord is an electric roar connecting me to the song. 
And so it begins,
A feeling of joy that one can not fully express, 
It's another level of ecstasy and it cannot be contained. 
Speakers blare that metal sound rattling the marrow in my bones, I believe the louder the better.  
Goosebumps crawl across my flesh in perfect harmony, 
Oh it's just the music demanding to be felt. 
Lyrics pour from my brain relaying to my heart and like a shot of dopamine to my veins I feel that platonic rush. 
I curl my toes and wish to be lead through that thunder-like wavelength, to be made a part of the song. 
With my eyes shut I can invision each instrument synchronized flawlessly to the rhythm. 
This brings a satisfied smile to my face.
You can't change the effect of music to the soul, I can't help the way it wraps around my heart and pulls me in headfirst. 


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Paul Sayer

Wed 9th Sep 2020 08:51

Oh! Such Joy .J-

Your poetry is so good it Hurtz.

What a joy to read this, this morning.

Back to your old self... No, wait!


Heart singing like a songbird.


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