"The Long Arm of Love"

"The Long Arm of Love"


In a world wrapped in chaotic darkness

Unexplainable to the human mind

I will be your sea of tranquil affection

Where you can plunge in your mountain of pain 

And watch them melt like ice in a bowl of heat.


Keeping your eyes on your scars 

Are blindfolds to what the future holds

Which restrains your feet from climbing the peak of your dreams


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Why do we mourn at a night so fit for moaning?

A night when couples should be cuddled up together to produce perfect euphony 

A night when children should soar on the sea of their mothers gentle caress

A night that should should usher the new twinkling stars to beautify the sky.

A night of tales and not wails

A night of muffled laughter under the moonlight.

A nigh...

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"See Through"

"See Through"


Alone in the midst of this dense darkness

That lit my room with its gloom

I, wrapped in one corner

In a circle of sorrow and defeat

With both hands to lift my sheet

To behold the filth that I have done

The one I have done so late in the night

Everywhere is messed up with my shi*

I feel so bad to say I am sorry again

But that's what I am 

A sorry ...

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"Multitude of Soles"

"Multitude of Soles"

A big giant gong appears in the square
With a poised rugged look
Like a blood-thirsty armoured tank.

The gong began to beat itself,
Soon feet began to gather
Quickly they turned into a marching army.

The din of their liberation cry
Was heard far and wide
Drowning every sense of serenity left.

The young and old,
The heroes past and heroes now,
Rage and fate ...

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"Scribbling Utterances"

"Scribbling Utterances"


I will tell you things that I hear myself say

Things said in between silence and darkness

Watching your despair grow so tall and huge like the walls in your room.


Who could hear when you scream so loud?

Is every cry meant to be that loud?

The intensity draws strokes of the tongue

Than acceptance and help


The errant hope you once had


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"A Home for All"


You're the hand reaching out to the dark from darkness,

Pulling them hard,

yours was lighter, you guessed

Or perhaps that you all could together walk back into light.


Love is more than a word 

More than the fire in our soul

Love is frail humanity 

Living like God for all.


You could be the one

That everyone wants

Or calls like God


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"When all Hell Let Loose"

"When all Hell let Loose"


What will be has begun

Fate is what we walk into as we return 

Every chapter has a story

We keep flipping till we meet the end.


Arguments, worries, fear,

Sink like stones within your soul

That fall and never rise again.


Belief, breath, hope

Hover over the sky

Reluctant to set feet on the earth they once admired.


You beg...

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"Fell in Love with the Wrong Girl"

"Fell in Love with the Wrong Girl"

Lockdown brought a lot of shits
Down my crib
Dark stuff into my soul
That I ain't proud of. 

Whenever night comes here,
Here's me messing with my phone
Scrolling up and down the street of Facebook
But they're no one to holla.

Then I pulled over a pics,
Of a Short brown skin girl witta a big behind,
That grew up somewhere down South South.

I th...

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"There, (in my heart)"

"There,(In my Heart)"

I thought of death a thousand times,

So I began to dig a grave in my heart,

Peeking into it now and then,

Trying to find the best spot,

Where I can lay the burden and my head.


My friend says, "rest if you find any there",

But when they talk about down there,

All I hear about are immortal hungry worms

And the endless flowing springs of volcano


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"En route to Peace"

"En route to Peace"


Would you crawl out of the dark oblivion,

Into the light in my eyes?

To behold the haven in my face,

Where darkness melts away,

Like ice in the sun.


You have questions, child, I know,

Questions the world has been asked,

Before you were born,

Of which the answers are deep hollow,

And reeks with endless chatter.


So quit this dead ol...

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Sometimes the thought of dying comes,

This sudden desire to go away from all your mess,

That have become too many that you can't wipe it off at one swipe of faith,

But the fear of my eternal home, 

Bars my thought from leaping into action,

I am not ready for judgement,

I don't know whether it will be fair on me,

I hate walking dark lonely roads. 



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"Love on Sloppy Grounds"

 "Love on Sloppy grounds"


Distant mother, your hand

Walked me down lonely paths

To pick seeds of sorrow  

Sown in the days love was at its peak of excitement


One seed smelt like promises that failed

The other like passion on the bed of deceit

You kept quiet while, I, an indigent child

Picked pain like nuggets on a sloppy valley


Every grasp injected me with...

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"Held in Her Palms

"Leaning on an oil bean

Lost in your Legend..."

                                           Christopher Okigbo


"Held in her Palms"

There in a forest of endless vastness trapped,

In the beauty of your lore ,

And the wild beauty in your eyes,

All my stout words begin to fall like trees swayed by a strong wind

To bow to the majesty in your gaiety,

Forsaking the fear of ...

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"Yours in Everything"

"Yours in Everything"


 I sit forlorn in the dark

Guiding my thoughts to return

To the ways of sweet memories and you.

Hoping to find all we left behind.


Like the soothing touch of your hands on my troubled soul

Or the river-like calmness your laughter brings when it fades away.

I recall these and walk further into:


Your silence as your listened to my dreams


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"Ambitions and the Dead"

"Ambitions and the Dead"

The cold night breeze gently blows
And tosses aside this black shroud
Unveiling shadows trying to hide their true frames
From a world they have lost touch with.

Strangers, you might want to call them
Held bound in a twisted faith.
Straining to reach a light
Shining far away in the horizon.

Quietness sits calmly in this darkness
While thoughts war with eacho...

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"Walking Tender Paths"


"Walking Tender Paths"


Falling in love with a poet is weird-some

He begins by writing you poems in the night

About the beauty in your eyes, the honey on your lips

And the passion with which he would kiss each one of them.

Sensual right? But a poet isn't a blind lover.

He sees-talk everything in between

All are part of falling in love, 

nothing is left out because ...

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"Holy Politics"






"Holy Politics"


"Rejoice with them that rejoice"

Says the preacher to the silent pew

Littered with famished lay men.

He places his holy hands vibrating under the fervency of his words

On his rich white caftan and his face beamed with a saintly smile.

The place was less ventilated,

Puffs of air seeping in and out of the house

Like a vagrant chil...

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"Blessing Disguised"





"Blessing Disguised"


The tiny voice of a weary bird,

Fly past your head flapping tired wings,

Its face lighted with hope

Not despairing of the miles yet to cover in the sky.


You look up to see this rare sight,

Perhaps, it might raise your beaten down shoulders,

Because faith is a fuel,

All it needs is a spark of fire.


The bird while...

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Heart pacing here and there

Like a pregnant deer in labour

But fear throws its bands on her 

So truth is born a stillborn


How do I begin to bare this hopes

Woven around my mind like tensed spider webs

For their is no freedom in being free

It only strengthen the chains that desires to bind us.


Freedom call is desirous

Letting caged word...

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"Armed Men"

Armed men"

In the middle of a cold night,
Hands clutched on our lovers
And our lovers on us
Birds in a distant singing gleeful songs,
Stars smiling down on us
Everything flowing in its own tranquility.
Then, we heard gun shots
and our heartbeat became still
We ran towards the window
Peeping cautiously so they don't see our eyes.
We saw them,
men in black with bloodshot eyes and a har...

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crimePolice brutality

Bloodshed in Nigeria

Silence is consent.

Blood knows no race or colour.

I don't know if this is a poem

But the government of Nigeria is killing Nigerians Protesting peacefully.

Let the world hear this.

They took off the CCTV camera.

They switched off the lights at Lekki Toll gate

They sent military on the streets

To spill the blood of young people.

Help us out.

Don't listen to the lies of...

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"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)



"Soro Soke" (Battle Cry)


Soro soke!

It is the dawn we have been waiting for,

A dawn where darkness bows to light,

And the wicked at the feet of the righteous.


Soro soke!

We are done with the silence,

We are done with the fake smiles,

We are done with hoping in their dead promises.


Soro soke!

The giants have risen in the form of a youth, 


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activismjusticefairnessgovernment for allEnd police brutality in NigeriaEndsars

"The Struggle"

"The Struggle"

9 a.m on a dull Tuesday morning,
I walked with a heavy head,
I've been carrying this for a while now,
Something common to men of my status,
Scamperring at the feet of the scavengers at the top of the national bounty,
They come with tummies tucked inside and mouth full of fairytale,
But leave pregnant with our wealth,
And then hands it over as a heirloom to their kind.


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"The Soul of Freedom"




"The Soul of Freedom"


The morning on our creation day

Had the charming face of a young cheetah

But ran in the pace of a snail.


Who would have known that the trophy of independence

That we fell over eachother in celebration of

Will tighten again the locks of slavery yet the more?


We cried of faces white as the moon

But not anymore, not anymo...

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"Dry Season"

"Dry Season"

Season of crimson blossoms,
Nature sprouts in seconds,
Signs of a shriveled harvest.

Happiness like a stone,
Is tossed into an ocean,
How do we begin to break the kernel of our silence?
Or find a costume that fits this madness.

Going forward a pit lies ahead,
Returning is a walk through the shadow of death,
So we stand shivering
Like a crucify on the neck of a hanged ...

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"Help Meet"

"Help meet"

There are few humans like God
That could see our tears before they come
Draw close to us whenever
They sense our loneliness from afar
Snuggle silently to share our solitude.
Only you can share this cross with its thorn
Bleed and act as if you are not hurt

In every pain you sought my gain
You lost many too precious to find me
Love was all that mattered to you, and still do...

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It was a journey of two blind lovers.
I can't believe we held hands
And walked down a false aisle
With the cheers of nobody.

When we started out alone together,
It was you and I against the world
We toughened our backs to their lashes.
Steadied our feet, refusing to fall for their lies.

Our pledges were neatly written
And solemnly sworn on Love's altar
Amidst the decries of many

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Before I die
I owe you a voice that refuses to be silenced
I owe you tears
That constantly flow like a river.
Wish you could hear the cry
That woke up yesterday in his tomb
Or see the pain
That stings tommorow so deep.
We are arrows of fate
Shot sporadically by Divine hands
Our place of landing
Determines how we sprout.
This we don't choose either,
But handed over to us wi...

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"The Passage"

"The Passage"

When Death's cold hands opens the knob of the afterlife.
And the man walks silently with hurrying thoughts into his new home
He wonders what his fate will be
Could it be the red tongued fires of hell?
Or the peace encircling God's threshold?
He remembers the loud rhetorics of the preacher man
Howling at his poor soul on earth
Here they are louder,even deafening.

He fight...

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"A Lover's Plea"

"Lovers Plea"

Would you let me be your artist?
So I could paint you as God would
I will erase every spot of pain or sorrow
I will draw the spread of the laughter on your face
I will make every curvy spot a sword
And you will slay every eyes

Would you let me be your poet?
I would describe your beauty more than Shakespeare would
I will colour every word about you
With tenderness and af...

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"Lockdown at 67"

"Lockdown at '67"

Like in the days of communal clashes,
Our world became a deserted playground,
A war of pride and power
Is loosed on us,
And every feet is on the run.

Our children walk with tiny heads on bloated stomachs,
Body tattooed with hunger and suffering,
Foot bare on dangerous pathways
Some reckless piece of artwork
unattractive to human stare 

Smiling faces retract to ...

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"Spell Bound"

"Spell Bound."

The evening you walked away from him
The night cast its spell on your rage
Your tears dropped lavishly on your cheek
He walked out on you again!

He didn't say it was over.
He walked on the feelings 
You spread like trophies at his feet.
And left with her, the new lady that's not you.

Your mind were another's, a maniac's.
It muttered strange things to your head.

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"When the Face you Detest is You"



"When the Face you Detest is You"


It is easy to stare in the face of sinners

with holy anger streaming from your face,

Smirking gleefully at their foulness,

And priding in your self-bequeathed sacredness.

Because your robes are white,

And your titles high

But, hey, what of your heart?


You leap on every wrong turn,

Crying the law and its damning co...

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"Bound for the City"


"Bound for the City"

Growing up in this small village

Felt like a ghost watching his body being interned unceremoniously

I was detached from everything else that had a taste of joy.

Like a stranger, I kept on wandering far away

From the land, from the people, from their dwarfed dreams and shallow fears. 


My soul was like a raptured explorer,

distant lands held p...

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"Conversation with an atheist Lover"

"Conversation with an atheist Lover"

Last night,
before sleep stole the light in your eyes,
We talked about making babies in the clouds,
And call them angels
And they will be so fine 
That God will be jealous of our Kind.

We laughed out loud
It echoed in heaven
And I heard God sigh
It was deep and throaty
And we wondered why God is always a man.
He could have been a woman 
That si...

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Keith walks with mirth in his eyes
Like a child that just got a new toy
His feet were quite unstable
Wobbling like he gonna fall.

Has he not fallen already?
Why bother rising?

He stood against love all his youth.
Its presence at home was a sham
"It was only a shadow."
He concluded:
"Since it wasn't at home, 
It couldn't be found elsewhere."

But he met defeat today

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"Somewhere Over Here"

Somewhere Over Here"

I know a couple,
They have a home in a small room
At the extreme right-hand corner of a compound with adjacent rooms.
Their faces reveal a desire for a better life
A comfortable haven far away from the remoteness of poverty and hunger.
Their lips barely uttered a word
They communicated languidly with cold nods and weak gestures.

They are what you would call an unfo...

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"The Cycle"

"The Cycle"

You don't know how it feels
To be stabbed the second time,
the third time, the fourth time...
You won't feel anything again.
You would only learn the habit 
Of seeing yourself flow out of you in red fluids like a broken pipe.

You despise the morning for bringing the thought of living
You wish for the nights for it bears the alluring face of death. 

"I am a fool again,"...

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