Political Irrigation!

(Wrote during the post Brexit
 vote debacle)

Ahh democracy!
What a wonderful thing!
The freedom of a vote that counts
Makes my lickle heart sing!

The Magna Carta, the 2nd Reform
The start of our foundations
The principles of all free worlds
The lifeblood of our nation 

The Suffragettes - great heroines
Spilled blood to earn the right
They would not bow or break or bend
Or fade into the night

The marching men & Chartists
Would have tears they'd have to choke 
Knowing that modern politicians
Are, WTF...making it a joke!

What on earth is going on!
They're like unruly kids
Stamping feet & puffing cheeks
'This vote I do forbid!'

A certain political party -
Democrats by name!
Will simply ignore the vote
Well… North Korea would do the same!

But, at least they would rig the vote
So the outcome would look right
This is post-rigging-mortis
Putting democracy under the knife!

A traveller through time
From parliament's very inception
May gaze upon this modern lot
And convey in their direction:

'Tis but a shitfest
That befalls mine eyes!
Too many porkies
Telling mince pies!

'Take me back
From whence I came
These strutting peacocks
Are just the very same!'

And it's so inconceivable
To get a straight answer
They should have a prize
For the best verbal dancer!

The true nature of parliament
Has let slip its masquerade
Democracy's Danse Macabre
Is, before our eyes, being played 

But a majority vote must be upheld
Whether you agree or not
For if it drifts into the gutter
Democracy has had its lot!

If only they had pulled together
From the very start
And sought a way to make it work
Instead of tearing it apart  

I'm sure they're more than capable
If they could see past their own reflection
And actually come together
To pull in the same direction

So, a reminder to one and all
How we became such a great nation
It's because our isle is fair & proud
It just needs some political irrigation!









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Dan Holtan

Sat 19th Sep 2020 15:33

This is fun to read and conveys the message as an easy lift. Your skills should swim to our shores and dare a deal out of our dandys.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 18th Sep 2020 19:36

? exactly Brian! Democracy - er, when it suits...

<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 18th Sep 2020 18:50

Yes indeed Stephen, a majority vote must be upheld. But the minority won't accept it and will do everything they can to spike the guns, further hardening attitudes they hardened over the last few years. Isn't democracy great?!

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