Transference and its counter

Am I making an impression...

Do I leave you bewildered with every expression...

Do you look forward like I do to our weekly sessions...

Or are my scribbled musings akin to aggression... 

An unbecoming, pathetic vie for attention...

I find you delightful and have a genuine fascination...

I am curiously eager, feelings bordering on    intoxication.


But, apparently in therapy this complication is a welcomed and encouraged occurrence...

The alliance is stronger when there is            transference.


What kind of sadistic voodoo is this at my        expense...

Do you not understand the magnitude of these feelings and just how intense.


Today I want you, tomorrow I hate you because I can't have you, next week I'll die if I never get to see you.


Sometimes I feel like I am losing my head, others I lay thinking of you, hot and bothered in bed.


I know I am in no position to criticize...

But I don't think this a scenario with which you can empathize...

The pain and pleasure you inflict with those eyes...

The effort is it takes not to get lost in your smiles.


The confusion that ensues while my thoughts I try to navigate...

only those that aren't appropriate and boundary abiding do I relegate...

Or try to, at any rate.




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Sat 12th Sep 2020 01:20

This line in particular struck me:

"Today I want you, tomorrow I hate you because I can't have you, next week I'll die if I never get to see you."

Am sure a lot of people can relate to this piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Flavia Gordon

Sat 5th Sep 2020 20:29

I am going to start slithering as my means to get around

I am sure I'll feel safer with that soft underbelly on the ground

Vulnerability is something I do dread

I usually avoid it by keeping down my head

This is a corny joke this much I do know

Putting fun and joke aside I do appreciate your feedback so


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Paul Sayer

Sat 5th Sep 2020 18:48

Flavia, Oh! Flavia.

Poetry will become your servant.
It will do anything you ask of it.

Either to you!
For you!

I have found salvation in it.

I have found such heights
and plumbed depths so deep I never knew existed.

Far, far beyond my imagination and wanderings.

Other universes beyond the reach of ordinary men, realms were only fools would dare to tread.

The wise man said it could not be done, not knowing this I went out and did it.

Whole vistas and experiences opened my soul to new and deeper understandings.

'You are the Mistress of your own destiny' let no other dissuade you of this eternal truth.

Your poem is masterfully crafted and exposes a soft underbelly and a strong heart.


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Flavia Gordon

Sat 5th Sep 2020 17:40

Thank you Tom. I really enjoyed writing this one. xx.

Hello Nicola,

Love and laughter
which I share with my daughter, I have an abundance of...

Nature and home cooked meals, I also indulge in. With you I agree, they have their appeal...

To form attachments and keep them, I fear I lack the skill.
So in therapy to learn, I hope I will.

Love to you as well❤

Nicola Beckett

Fri 4th Sep 2020 13:44

Therapy eh? Friendship love laughter and nature are the therapy I've found that works over the years and home made meals, x love to you

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Fri 4th Sep 2020 13:36

Many great lines here! The first verse in particular is really enjoyable to read.

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