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Neither you can escape,

nor I can leave,

this is the life,

which is given to perceive.

Perception as such,

which makes you believe,

you are here,

for an abundant achieve.

Achievement as such,

free of deceive,

it is only meaningful,

if it expunge all's grieve.

This selfless work,

in the twilight eve,

assures your worth,

and content is what you receive!

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I know I was insignificant for him,

but he used to hide it,

used to hide love or ignorance,

whatever it was,

it has led my inner self to lit.

At one moment,

he would be ocean of love,

and at another,

pretending me as a stranger.

But that flowing time,

is simply priceless,

because that was the time,

which has led my inner self to lit!

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Pronto in misery?

Don't be.

Life is an ecstacy,

you are unable to see.

This is the phase,

which demands your praise,

but you busy in chase,

of this virtual maze.

What do you want?

What makes you haunt?

Stop this era of daunt,

is thrilling spree of jaunt.

The thing which is must,

is only self trust,

will annihilate all dust,

now choose life's lust.


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Neither this mind,

nor this frame,

we are here,

for a bigger game.

Neither for triumph,

nor astute pleasure,

we are here,

in search of treasure.

Treasure which is lost,

in pleasing domain,

aptly can be found,

on bearing the pain.

Pain as such,

never bear before,

but this will realise,

we are ideally more!

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Is it necessary

to be liar

not to others

but your own fire.

Unaware you are

of its consequence grim

it is something

halting you to brim.

Once try to be true

to your own soul

it will inundate

your empty whole!

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You may think,

I don't miss you,

this was just a sacrifice,

for the life I have to pursue.

You may think,

I am self-centered,

but because of you,

this bliss I have entered.

You may think,

I am mad,

but verity is,

it makes me glad.

You may think,

I am strange,

but you are the reason,

behind this change.

You may think,

I have become star,

but wit...

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Soothe and joy flow towards,

groping for this thing one,

let the pious wall records,

to live the dream, you have nothing done.

Without any will,

without any toil,

what will be your skill,

for your doting soil.

Verity is clear,

your vision is lost,

triading the sphere,

which is triaded by most.

Heedless are all,

living for win,

planning gameball,

which i...

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Amidst the tension,

joy was slight,

I was survived,

for my own fight.

Fight as such,

never fought before,

everyone will sing,

my folklore.

My wings will grow,

more valuable than fore,

victory will be mine,

since it's desire from my core!

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For the domain,

its wedlock,

which for her,

was shear mock.

Their primacy,

was those mere chore,

but she decided,

to be unprecedentedly more.

Their constraint,

didn't let them fly,

but she aspire,

to touch the sky.

They redicule her,

for big intent,

their abuse,

makes her augment.

Those big dreams,

in her eyes,

are defacto reason,

behind her...

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It was twilight,

blaze peeping the pane.

All set to fly,

and to break the chain.

All of the sudden,

she was free.

Of so-called fetter,

and of life's spree.

Without any frontier,

without any irk.

She was at bliss,

even enjoying the quirk.

To reach the top,

let's sit at vent.

Be ready to fly,

and eradicate the dent!

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When they were out,

she was in.

They used to shout,

and she clenching.

She was called,

an orthodox.

and they wearing suit,

with shiny boot.

Her repute was made,

as a gloomy shade.

But you never know,

when wind will blow.

As you sow,

so shall you reap.

She won't let go,

her sacrifices to seep!

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Euphoria at its peak,

like a rising sun.

Your toil is to seek,

until work is done.

Sky is red,

with blanket white.

Excited to spread,

a beam in night.

Where there is flower,

there will be thorn.

Handle all with power,

to make your life adorn.

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Thirst for sunshine,

was taking my ease.

Breath of mine,

was kept on lease.

Groped it with all will,

for the content sake.

On the top hill,

and the nearest lake.

How mad was I,

who was looking out.

Within is sigh,

without any doubt.

There was a grace,

when we met.

I deserve a place,

where nobody has reached yet!

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Destination is clear

and undoubtedly near

it is sacrosanct dear

as i am the one to steer.

I am no more a mystery

I am here to create history

not admitting with blistory

but can listen bells of victory.

let me fly

high in the sky

let me be sigh

seeing my glittering eye.

My system belief

gives limitless relief

like an euphoric leaf

is what i can say in br...

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Vibration is high,

unable to escape,

unprecedentedly sigh,

like a ripen grape.

Fully bloomed flower,

in the leafless autumn,

like a refreshing shower,

in the drought forgotten.

Clouds are many,

filling their plate,

unwilling to spend penny,

for their country's fate.

Then they enquire,

about missing content,

their motive dire,

is their life's dent!


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You are ray of hope,

within lies colossal scope,

you deserve to be at the top,

your duty is flip flop!

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Ruling the roost,

makes me boost,

can be induced,

after I was introduced.

Narcisst I am,

sweet as jam,

either you say it ham,

or censure it sham.

 But now infra dig,

to see my headway big,

adict following like frigg,

is the reason behind my trig?

Whatever the intellect be,

juxtapose to open sea,

life is ongoing glee,

flying like a bird free!

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How to reveal,

this inexplicible feel,

making me heal,

like Buddha's wheel.

Moment is such,

akin to heaven touch,

with flowers bunch,

all well thought hunch.

When I know,

my life's flow,

all bestow,

my victory show!

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Can you see?

logo with a tree,

my intellect key,

reason behind my glee.

Indeed I am ocean,

this shows in my devotion,

not doing promotion,

just appeasing your commotion.

I know what I am,

no need of your praise sham,

i will rise like highest dam,

indeed I deserve a grand slam!

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Being a go-getter,

is merely a trend setter,

don't know good or better,

but for some it's chilli pepper.

Give me a simple reason,

why do you want to keep me in prison,

don't want me to enjoy all season,

this is solely an inact treason.

There may be many sample,

on which you often trample,

but i am counterexample,

my heart akin to finest temple.

So even if you tr...

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Trust Buddha,

Trust Jesus,

thoughts are the one,

creating your genesis.

Be good,

like a robinhood,

then who can stop you,

from growing in the hood.

Embrace your life,

like your wife,

and you will be cutting,

all agony with a knife!

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In this hoggish domain,

full of cockamamie brain,

you are like golden rain,

extruding me from path of mundane.

I know you are invaginate,

but it's not to be abnegate,

you make my energy activate,

ransom me from all fabricate.

You are the one who gave me goal,

tried to fill all my loophole,

through this just tried to extol,

hope you will like it oh great soul!

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Crowded together for a tea,

pondering would be carefree,

who knew will lead to melee,

fleeing away all present glee.

Whoopee on breeding accent,

both were full of forment,

my origin was one of represent,

stressing on key augment.

She was gutsy because of I,

adversary's mate made her cry,

my flop will make them high,

will beautify their blue sky.

Need to stand fo...

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Intoto passage bird,

to expatiate have no word,

with some nerd and absurd,

but that era my vision was blurred.

Today is offbeat,

with neither bode of deceit,

nor of conceit,

as gone with my sweet.

Not dry behind ears,

annihilating my fears,

expunging my tears,

only wit behind my cheers.

I know I never pomp,

verily my blithe swamp,

thank you for all romp,


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How to express this spot tight,

one side vouching time flight,

wishing would have spent like knight,

at other zealous to see the world bright.

I know its my fault,

would have come out of this halt,

if would have tried to vault,

life would be somewhat exalt.

 But fully content still,

wimpy about ex and will,

focusing on refurbishing skill,

trying to cope with going ...

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What an angelic place,

without any blue funk trace,

all in all it outspace,

foxy looking hunky space.

Bewitching blossom,

grove awesome,

panorama fulsome,

full of all wholesome.

Zone with apple pie order,

with burgeon green border,

after a while lofty water,

raving beauty with breeze flutter.

Hall was at the heart,

like a night and day art,

with merry maki...

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Today I am great,

with colossal fate,

I can see victory straight,

for you I am life to fascinate.

Within lies panaroma view,

and hearty morning dew,

infinite like fact true,

now don't feel out of blue.

Far more than sky,

and sweet like pie,

with success high,

ever ready to fly!

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Sidekick since i got my senses,

everytime you dissolve my defences,

always succor me when i need,

you are cognate to good time seed.

Most of the time we raise hell,

without you no day is spent well,

sometimes without reason i yell,

de facto you are my bombshell.

We always remain cheek by jowl,

but why do you often howl?

You are truly man of your word,

everytime you...

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Neither see day nor night,

turning trick like a knight,

away from spurious limelight,

our blithe is the reason might.

Although surly at home,

stymie us to freely roam,

still is our vibrant chrome,

verily our loam and dome.

Side other is my lord holy,

divine soul with nature jolly,

expunging all our colly,

and loving this lady of folly.

I vow i will bloom,


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Yesterday i met her after so long

now she has become intellectually strong

i commemorate how she used to cry

now she is flying high in the sky

vibrant she is quite eminent

her thoughts are now fully pregnant

earlier she was exploring her own path

now she is calming down others' wrath

ennoble she is quite sanguine

who today lives on cloud nine

still assiduous and credu...

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Ushering our family

with love and amity

assiduous she is

credilous nature not to miss

fervour she is frivolous me

bon mot she is novice me

erudite she is capricious me

lavish she is frugal me

behaves like naive

i have nothing gave

invigorate us

when it is must

sometimes i am insolent

and remains blatant

but how to tell how dextrous you are

please forgiv...

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