As expected it's going downhill,

the imaginary ride which I was on,

it made me fantasize for sometime,

that I have reached a deepdown zone.

But it was same as earlier,

the jaunty ride which started with praise,

which once reached an apex climate,

and now it moved to falling phase.

It is like an incessant chain,

tulips after orchids and that after lily,

or is this push...

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Bull is the one,

which is infectious to its fire,

that has lead to,

this situation kind dire.

Everyday they fought,

and somedays they war,

common dominating persona,

is cause behind this fore.

Everytime after listening,

to that old school song,

all what is remembered,

is accord forgone.

Days have become restless,

and nights deprived of sleep,

whenever bull...

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Lying in desert,

amidst the scroching sun,

was once a hardrock,

full of banter and pun.

Beside was the oasis,

full of frantic fantasies,

who became victim,

of her in-built jealousies.

Oasis threw its aqua,

on the thorny hardrock,

and that grain stone-hearted,

tied self across the dock.

He, in his genuine tone,

asked oasis about the reason,

of her diagnosis...

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Whistle of a teal blue dolphin,

in the middle of Barents Sea,

was making sailors startled,

of her existence in this degree.

Dolphin has had seen enough,

and developed tendency to adapt,

from warm waters to chilled pole-caps,

what all she felt was brutally trapped.

Ideal state was at midway,

the good time she kicked on her own,

and now the only extreme remains,


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Amidst the clouds of ego and selfdom,

Olly found a falcon out of the world,

who surprisingly was kind and humane,

making Olly hurled and swirled.

Falcon stopped his journey abruptly,

making nest on a banyan tree,

sudden wining and dining together,

gave Olly million reasons to glee.

Years passed in this gambol,

making them forget the truth,

the world works on some norm...

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A grand and flamboyant tomb,

between the lush green lawn,

with water flowing channel,

shinning from dusk till dawn.

But what was inside?

Couple of empty halls?

Beautifully cremated corpses,

ashes closed within four walls?

Oops this story looks similar,

to someone i know,

who despite being hollow,

is never ready to bow.

She is all dead inside,

with empty space...

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Lily in the tulip garden,

was flowing with the breeze,

and dancing in the rain,

for this moment to get seize.

Once there came a gardener,

epitome of gold,

who took care of lily,

like someone close so-called.

He molded her shrewedly,

with a little anger and praise,

sometimes with mind games,

and at times with distant gaze.

Likewise, lily started blooming,


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Old winds,

would have crossed the desert by now.

But the memories of it giving chills,

still lingers and captures me somehow.

And new breeze,

from all directions is rushing towards.

Some by being clingy and some erudite ones,

and others flocking like hungry birds.


this new air is full of zest.

Leading restless days and sleepless nights,

but making my c...

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Look! what river is asking from land,

Is it sediments and handful of sand?

Look! what wind is asking from sky,

Lots of freedom and one more try?

Likewise one is asking for love,

and other eyes full of dove.

third one is asking for intellect,

and last one my respect to necked.

Likewise I am asking for attention from one,

and from other some mercy in scroching sun.


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Once upon a time on an icy hill,

two worlds collide giving jaunty chill,

adventure began with massive curiosity,

but uncomfort remained still.

Round and round and up and down,

were trying to explore the entire town,

amidst this process of fun and pun,

became reason for each other's frown.

And hence its time to depart away,

before it gets deteriorating decay,

without a...

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All of us are born with different spoons,

and that is why we are on our different moons,

some get luck already filled in big bag,

and some work till dusk for some fortunes,

then how can I compare you,

with that rising folks few,

when you are your own sun,

amidst the heavy moisted dew,

Believe it or not,

I am proud of you!

Here light comes early, there sun sets late,


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There was a girl,

who was unaware of sorrow,

and lived as if there is no tomorrow.

Chirpy like bird,

and her never ending bang,

and special mention to her to-do slang.

Once road diverged,

and she took the less trodden one,

turning her life to shun like none.

While starting,

she was vigorous as before,

was dreaming to sore more and more.

Hardly she knew,

that ...

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