Cutting the Strings

What I am is wrong,
This is not me,
The entire sum of my life has led me to this fact,
I cannot be who I was, nor who I am,
Not even who I am trying to be,

The end is but a heartbeat away,
And there it will begin,
Life lived as a puppet,
Is life ruled by the puppeteer,

Cut the strings,

To fall to the ground by your own hand,
And then rise of your own accord,
Is what I long for,

I will dance for no one,
And I will feel that which I feel,
And not hide it,
Not ever,
Ever again


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Nicola Beckett

Tue 1st Sep 2020 23:24

Don't hide who you are, the world knows now anyway, be proud of who you are and your rainbow colours with hope for your future

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