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Each step I take

A new memory awakes

Was this a part of my past?

 Is there something that relates?


Afraid of visions that I can’t escape

Will this forever be my fate?

It's too much pressure

I don't know if I can take.


I'm on a time traveling roller coaster

My mind is flipped all upside down

I wonder if I can see into the future

Cause my thoughts go round and round


This Deja Vu

Does it tell me clues?

Or shows me flashbacks?

Did this happen before?

Or Is my mind jacked?


It's so random

It happens once every blue moon

Should I fear this?

Does it spell upcoming doom?


Is this a power or am I just insane

Is this real or am I going inane

What's going on?

Such an epic change

Can someone please tell me

 Why do I have these visions clouding my brain?

Crazy; confused

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