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Jordyn Elizabeth on One and only Friend (3 days ago)

Keep In Mind

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You have to move forward in the world 

 Because no one else will

 Keep pushing yourself or time will remain still

Make efforts to get where you want to be

It’s not hard, all you have to do is believe


It won’t take just words, you need action

In life, doing nothing won’t have a reaction

All opportunities will pass by if you waste your time

You’re on a path to you futur...

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#poetry #motivation #inspirational

Lovely Maiden

As the moonlight shines

A beauty has now arrived 

She dances in the river naked to the eye

Light glistens around makes her divine 


It fills my heart with joy and glee

I develop wings and begin to flee

My heart is racing, bout to crash and explode 

I keep it silent, while my feelings implode


I want to tell her how I feel but I’m shy

When I try to I almost die


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love passion


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Each step I take

A new memory awakes

Was this a part of my past?

 Is there something that relates?


Afraid of visions that I can’t escape

Will this forever be my fate?

It's too much pressure

I don't know if I can take.


I'm on a time traveling roller coaster

My mind is flipped all upside down

I wonder if I can see into the future

Cause my thoughts go round ...

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Crazy; confused

One and only Friend

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You are the shadow to my light

With me your future will be bright 

I am the sun

You are the moon

You are the black 

I am the white


As long as I’m alive 

I will always be by your side

You're trying to be alone again


But I won’t let you face that pain again 


Trapped in all that darkness 

Now you’ve become heartless. 

Everyone else has come to hate y...

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passion and sadness

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