Nothing is Lost

Nothing is Lost


We play the smallest part in life

briefly we are here to live and be

From birth to death our print is made

then only to disappear, but not to die

For death is final and has no home here

to see is not to love, but to know is

What we cannot see remains with us

in memories of heart and mind

Both of which cannot be turned into dust

nothing is lost forever because

all will be safely gathered in.

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Sat 12th Sep 2020 17:21

Hi Keith
Eternal truths captured well here


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Sat 5th Sep 2020 11:39

This seems a really thoughtul poem, I really like it. Some really good thoughts in here, making me reflect. I love that to know is to love, and those things that don't turn to dust. Smashing.

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keith jeffries

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 17:29

Vautaw, Stephen, Emeka and MC., thank you for your comments. MC., your comment is worthy of serious consideration and I am grateful for it. Emeka similarly so, a good point to consider.

Thank you indeed.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 16:12

A welcome reminder of the truth of the words "play it forward"
Our mortality may go but what we "play forward" for good in our lives
can live on after we've gone. The memory is the vault in which
treasured mementoes of the past are stored and brought into the
light when needed. And, in turn, the recipients may carry on where
we left off, like the pages of an endless volume that keeps our
stories alive down the years for the benefit of succeeding generations.

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Emeka Collins

Wed 2nd Sep 2020 11:31

I really hope we all we learn that life itself is vast and our roles are little compared to it.
This understanding can help us be more human than pride in whatever we think we are or possess.

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