Checks & Balances


The government

has checks

but no balance


you would think

a zero balance

would be a natural check

on carefree spending


but our government

rejects that notion

without blank checks

it cannot function


to the government

it only means

write more bad checks

and spend even more

the whole concept is

out of balance


what kind of parent

would pass their debt

onto their unsuspecting

kids and grand-kids


a rotten thing to do

but we have done it

we spend like there is

no tomorrow


we forget that


is only a day away.


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Fri 25th Sep 2020 03:15

Government by its nature is corrupt
the politicians and bureaucrats get the gravy
the taxpayers get the shaft!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 24th Sep 2020 14:18

Money is representative of wealth in other forms that can be called
on as collateral. The richly endowed nations know this and spend
accordingly, always a guarantee of political popularity wherever
it happens - and so the process proceeds while supply and demand
fluctuate according to "need" and "fashion".

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