Lovely Maiden

As the moonlight shines

A beauty has now arrived 

She dances in the river naked to the eye

Light glistens around makes her divine 


It fills my heart with joy and glee

I develop wings and begin to flee

My heart is racing, bout to crash and explode 

I keep it silent, while my feelings implode


I want to tell her how I feel but I’m shy

When I try to I almost die

I stumble over some rocks she notices me 

Her eyes open wide, I wonder will she leave


I try to express myself and tell her the truth 

I say I love her, she wanted proof 

It’s not your body I desire 

It’s the fire inside you I admire 


I call you the sun, cause I wake up to you everyday

Hoping that one day you’ll be my bae

I want to move forward with you and live in bliss 

Spend my life with you and reminisce 


About new memories we could make 

I can’t promise that life will always be a piece of cake

But if you’re with me I’ll treat you like no else

Cause these emotions are something I never felt 


I want you to be mine

This love will last for all of time

love passion

◄ DejaVu

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