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A Winter Sock's Lament


It's rather dark and bleak in here
and I think I've worked out why;
We've nothing left to talk about -
the conversation has run dry

We can be quite a jolly bunch
full of rhymes and rhetoric
But time ticks slow and now we know
in the end... we're just too thick

So we're feeling quite neglected
'cos in this summer weather
we're forced to lie inside this drawer
and be no use whatsoeve...

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Cake Or Pie?

Once, someone posed a question

And it made me want to cry

"If you had to choose," she said

"Which one - cake or pie?"


I didn't want to answer

I mean, why would she even pry?

It's the deepest question out there

Philosopher's testify


It really made my head hurt

I took a pill, I won't deny

That question bounced on through my brain

"Which one - cake or pie?"


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Put me back where I belong
and I won’t have a strop
A field is where I want to be
Not in a china shop

I didn’t want to be here
But I am, so why keep shtoom?
Please pay me some attention
I’m the elephant in the room

Turning through the pages
Munching through to read and learn
Seeing the world through other eyes
That’s me - an old bookworm

I’m being quiet at the moment
Low key and out the way
I’m doing fine, I’m...

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The Scarecrow

You know, I was made for this job

I’ve got pretty good at it too

Scaring crows is a vocation

But nowadays it makes me blue


I used to like the simple life

Found it fulfilling to stand tough

But nature takes its toll, alas,

I’ve lost the means to strut my stuff


Long ago, when I first started

I was keen to make some friends

But it seems my arms-out posture


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