Leaves up.

Leaves end leaving.


My leaves up.

My backs up.

Back to the boys

Who I’ll always know.

But I’ll find them.

And I’ll learn

to love em.

Each and every one.



Bound in adversity.

We staggered 

through the pain

Lost in love

Twirling in the rain.

With a whiskey

And a rum

We’ll start it all again.


Its time to don

The uniform

Time to become 

An automaton again.

Time to see

The world is

different not always


Eating all the food

All too often rice.


I’ll walk the streets

Of pain again

Blood pouring

From my eyes

Carefully stepping,

The grass beneath

My feet slowly

Withers and dies.

Its pain and shock

Its sometimes

So much love.


I’ll fire kill shots

For my country


I’ll stalk the streets

Following targets.

My brothers

Will always

Get my back,

As I will theirs.

As that blood

Flowed from

All our eyes again,

We’ll cock

We’ll point

And we’ll fire.


My memory palace

Has closed its doors

The walls awash with fear

My mind fights

To feel a balance

As tall trees fall and die.

The world is burning

Hot on my breath

As I try to say goodbye.

So kiss my tears

And calm my fears

And once more

We’ll build again.




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Clean dry socks, Falklands 1982. ►


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