Exit Stage Life

Exit Stage Life


This bothers me now.

I’m not looking forward anymore.

The past is all I have.

I just lived, moved on,

Never thought to dwell.


I need to clean up the mess.

Don’t want loose ends.

No doubt what my body is saying.

Time is such a deceitful enemy, having danced and skipped freely until squeezing my existence away.


Avoidance floods an aged mind with conundrums.

Memories float in and wash

away the burning need to act,

even knowing my presence will soon evaporate.


But can I put it all aside,

make a list to do one thing?

Will any system work or do

we all succumb leaving 

so many cards on the table?


Make a difference for whom?

Bring hope and hope it helps.

Platitudes blanket the cold.

Dragging humanity from the regression we witnessed,

to accomplish what?


Is one little thing the answer

or has this been a huge investment dead cat bounce?

And royalty achieves no more

as fanfare fades with a rattle.


The zen master may be right.

A thought exists not a life.

So many atoms and cells

smaller and greater than all,

show eternity defines magnitude .


Can I end like this unknowing

if we begin and finish alone?

This was never true, as logic

requires walking back everything newly understood.


Reality screams. My life is not my own, and my selfish visions are blocking the light.

Be brave, walk upright, and cast your shadow for all others who have seen you.

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Dan Holtan

Sun 6th Sep 2020 00:35

Thanks for your perception and kindness.
I am not obsessed with this topic, but rather interested. As you say, we are all subject to the realities of aging. What we think about it matters.

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keith jeffries

Sat 5th Sep 2020 15:24


This poem comes from the depths of many thoughts and deals with a subject which fascinates me. I have written a number of poems along similar lines. Being in this world, our impact on it in terms of whom we are and how we can make a contribution of the best we have to give, is something to ponder on.

These thoughts occur as we advance in age. Some dismiss them others seek ways to deal with them constructively. However, it is perplexing for us all. We are here for a reason and participants of a plan which our finite wisdom is unable to comprehend. This I do believe.

Thank you for this

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