Ignorant to society

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Our ignorance makes colour just an illusion

We latch onto black and white for vision

Purifying our naivety, protecting our fears

Whether it be blood, sweat, or tears; no trace can be found

Recognition is the key to unearth beyond our judgemental lines.

We deny ourselves the truth, yet believe in immortality.


Observing a bag soar through the wind

Can you feel its freedom?

Ever wonder how far its journey will be?

Do you ever question your abilities,

Even if they’re not in reach?


Fighting my way through doubt

I want to express my anger, stand out in the crowd, and shout

Show everyone a rainbow, a rose petal, an oil painting.

Fix their eyes on an existing colour they fail to see so frequently

But I know it’s no use.

I watch in dismay the world falling apart

and within, its tenants of failure

Easy to surrender to their permanent bed without a meaningful life

I pity those who hang on-



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Robert Haigh

Mon 14th Sep 2020 07:47

Interesting and poetic thoughts, tinged with melancholy.

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