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Inside a Christmas card
From prisoners afraid,
In a factory in China
Where nothing much is paid,
A handwritten message
From poor souls enslaved,
In oppressive conditions
Where festive things are made.

Telł somebody beg the authors
The truth about this trade,
That those who make big money
Our wretched lives degrade
So in this season of goodwill
When joy sho...

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David SubacchipoetryWelsh Poets.David Subacchi


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 (Painting by Elijah Walton 1832-1880

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery).


 I am not sure whether

 They are ascending

 Or descending,

 Steps cut in snow

 Might indicate the latter

 But I am no expert.


 What I do know, is that

 This was the infancy

 Of Alpine climbing,

 Their big hats

 And long ice picks

 Prove it.



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poetry about mountaineering


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Thou shalt pass the plate of brass

With felt to deaden the ring of coins

Or take the collection

In bag of leather or bowl of wood

Remembering to avert thine eyes

At the widows mite

And the rich man’s notes.


Thou shalt wear a smile

Of indifference

Even unto those who turn their heads

Or pass the parcel quickly to their neighbour

Or over th...

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  After the performance

 As grease paint

 Is wiped off,

 You can just about

 Smile into the mirror.


 When your costume

 Falls to the floor

 Uncared for,

 You can just about

 Step out of it.


 And later outside

 A closed theatre

 In the cool night air,

 You can just about

 Get over it.

(c) David Subacchi

From his collection 'Wh...

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