The Blame Game.

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She spun and spun
And weaved a web
So intricate
So delicate
And at once impenetrable.

No one could see
The pedalling feet beneath
The turning of the many cogs
The machine whirring and wearing away inside of her.

Her past an ever present.
Her future already decided.
Fate was never to be on her side.
They'd seen to that.

They stole her innocence
Her joy
Her pride.

Bitter was she.
The injustice and unfairness of it all.
And then came the blame
For the fault lay within her.

If only she'd screamed louder
If only she'd said NO
if she hadn't been so weak
A victim of her own stupidity and vulnerability.

She lived a lie
Her face a mask
A fragile facade
That ate away at her deep inside.

The self hatred
The loathing
The disgust
Perhaps the only constant in her life.
And she bled  and she vomited 
A purge, a self flaggelation
A punishment for her weaknesses.

And she smiled
And she laughed
And she  played the game.
And all the while
The whirring
And the pedalling
And the spinning of the web
To hide the pain
And the ingrained dirty shame.

She hid it well
So no-one could see
That she only had herself to blame. 



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Jain Gawne

Sun 27th Sep 2020 11:32

Thank you 😃

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 27th Sep 2020 11:30

fantastic imagery and theme - loved it 😃

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