What is it about a cloud, a raindrop?

With the sky frowning gray and cold, 

casting a dim view for my mind to accept

that brighter days have past.


With this forecast, some energy is lost,

gone like the sun behind a wall of reasons.

The can'ts and won'ts sneaking-in to dampen the road,

making the journey long and lonely.


Can such power be in that small, cold drop?

Is the tingle I feel when it hits,

a warning or an awakening?

A contrast to the warm rays that have fallen on me

so many times, 

always shining so strong,

but also taken for granted.


So the contest again emerges 

to take control of my attitude.

Seeing, hearing, feeling,

all the senses holding court.

Bright rays shining during a downpour,

looking for the rainbow of enlightenment.

The analogy of one needing the other to exist, is real.

Another of nature's lessons.

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