Consequences Part 5 and 6


The thing that nobody ever knew about me was the fact that I had not brushed my teeth since I was 10 years old hard to believe, but no-one had ever commented on it, and I seemed to have got by. It was strange now that I was  offered a job as a model, a hand model though so the teeth were really only a problem for me as I kept almost  choking on scraps of my childhood...

The bitterness taking away the sweetness from my day, so I googled teeth removal, seemed like the best way forward but it was impossible because as a vampire how would I feed… I would eventually starve to death… So I decided to…I got myself a straw - gold of course, the fame had gone to my head.


Today I walked for miles until I saw... my teeth floating in the canal. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t missed them, but then…a swan swam past and managed to lodge my teeth in her beak and she said "quabble quabble quack quack" because swans have  a way of talking as if they don't have any teeth and I thought, even if I can manage to get them out of the swans mouth, no amount of listerine will get them I googled teeth implants this time, seemed like the best way forward, but....suddenly the high started coming down and I could feel my legs again… I was in my mom’s room and there it was the beautiful picture of the swam that I loved so much and then I noticed my trousers were wet….and underneath the pillow… was an IOU for the full set.


(The two consquences poems above was created tonight by my writing group where we all took in turns to write a bit before passing it onto the next person. People present tonight were: Andy N, Amanda, Reggie, Mike, Linda, Sarah, Antonia and Kev) 

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Nigel Astell

Fri 11th Sep 2020 00:33

Mr Swan
the dentist
found yellow
chewing gum
lodged tight
pulled it
out with
giant pliers
used toothpaste
from that
day on.

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