Incite To Write

All the others

I know they are not me.

Ever since I can remember

making comparisons is a fixed game.

They all want something.

Just like me.


So many words 

make simple questions confusing.

The goal becoming hard to imagine

especially being the same

shade of uniqueness.

So why try?


A deep desire

spurs my thoughts awake 

to enter the drama and entice.

My eyes need to see it

as emotions diffuse 

back to roots.


Recognize as good

each little change, 

compelling a different feeling being ironed out,

letting me run and escape

after agonizing choices tried,

convicted, or released.


Rumbling like thunder 

bright flashes erase the shadows.

Gasping, a loud crack pounds my blood

illuminating a dark island floating in distant fog, breathes a silent thought.


Now rolling on

I met this place before.

You cannot stay, it is not possible.

The draw of impatience pricks the tenderness, 

not saving anyone, even me.

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