A Client's Woe

When shadows go into hiding

And dreams run wild

I imagine you all stripped down and bare

All facades shed

Thoughts of me invade your head...


Or so I wish, a girl can dream

I miss you, I want you

If only I could scream 

These words out loud 

Remove the shroud

Say them loud

Say them proud...


But I mustn't disturb the peace

What is unknown must remain so

Boundaries are our friend 

And my desires their foe.



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Flavia Gordon

Fri 4th Sep 2020 01:05

Thank you Tom, I take pleasure in your enjoyment.

I am glad I made an impression with my first post...I admit that was my desire.

I must say...and this is no lip service
Your samples are exquisite
The pot of my emotions are stirred
And you are the culprit.

Renee By a Thread is incredibly poignant.

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Thu 3rd Sep 2020 20:41

Really enjoyed this Flavia. A fantastic first post!

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Flavia Gordon

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 19:17

Thank you Keith and you are most welcome!

It's not so easy for me to be vulnerable but I find it less daunting on paper...

This means a lot coming from you, I adore your work.

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keith jeffries

Thu 3rd Sep 2020 11:42

I really love the honesty in this poem. It is also well crafted.

Thank you for this

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