Making Allowances


After 50 years we've grown

accustomed to each other

our foibles and peculiarities

recognized and allowed

it is too late to change our ways

and we would not want to

the nuances of our personalities

have fused and we have become

stronger by the weld

we still argue

we still fight

but there is no animosity

only the cordiality of discussion and debate

for all our thoughts are shared

and talked through with mutual respect

we get along because

we know each other so well

we allow for differences

out of our abiding love

it's only an opinion

but my opinion is

that marriage has allowed us

to live this long

the two of us together

much stronger than each alone

we celebrate our sameness

we tolerate our differences

for all the other stuff

we make allowances.








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Wed 2nd Sep 2020 15:50

Congratulations on 50 years... That is something to treasure. As is this poem. I'll bare this advice in mind 😃

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