I don't know if you ever read those poetry prompts you can find on line. One I was saw was writing a poem that spells out your name. here's a quick effort . .


Seriously, take a good look at yourself. It’s

Time to do something new

Even if it means packing your job in because

Very soon, perhaps

Earlier than you think: your time is running out . .

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Memento Mori

Your heart still beats

And the blood still pumps around

You can think and move

You can articulate your thoughts

But remember

You must die


You’ve not travelled much

And the world has hardly felt your touch

You’ve done nothing worthwhile to speak of

Time is running out

But remember

You must die


Then again, you’ve tasted the breath of freedom

And seen ...

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England in My Head

I was made in England

And charged with English blood


In England born and bred

I’ve got England in my head


I’ve walked on English lanes

And breathed in English air


It’s English ground I tread

And I’ll be English until I’m dead


I speak the language of England

The same as Shelley and Keats


For the English words we speak

Are the words that make...

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No Need to Talk of Love

No need to talk of love

Some things are better left unsaid


I didn’t tell you then

And I can hardly tell you now

Although some days I find the thought hanging on my lips


Deep inside I’ll say the words

I can see them like hot breath on a cold night

Though I can’t say them out loud


Better to wait for darker days

For eulogies perhaps,

For talking about the ...

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