I Am Your Friend

I am death and I am your friend

I will be at your side when you meet your end

I’ll be there to lead you down the sacred path

You’ve always known

You must have been told

For everyone meets me in the end.


I’m not to be laughed at

And neither should you fear me

But either way you and I shall meet

Better to meet me with a smile, however worn

After all our meeting was...

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Make Me A Child Again

I was reading a blog a while ago where the author quoted a line from a poem which was 'make me a child again, just for tonight'. The poem was Rock Me to Sleep by Elizabeth Aykers Allen and I was so taken by that line I had to pinch it and add my own spin.


Show me the past again

Turn on a light

Make me a child again

Just for tonight


Show me the home where I grew up

Show ...

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The Last Bus

It’s the end of the day

And It’s time to take the last bus home

I’ve travelled this road for many years

And when it comes to my final stop

I doubt if I’ll shed any tears

I’ll press the bell and slip through the doors

I won’t travel on that bus any more.


At the end of the day

Nothing lasts forever

Every winter gives way to spring

And it’s time to hop off the bus a...

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The French Mistress

I remember the days of schoolboy French

When one day along came a comely wench

She made me all tongue tied and caused a certain distress

At least that’s how I remember the French mistress


She used to sit upon my desk

All long legged and short skirted

I could have sold my seat a thousand times over

But I sat there happily disconcerted.


The l’autobus est parti

I ...

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Let's Show This to Putin


People milling about


At a makeshift hospital a mother cries for her child

Cameras follow through to the operating room

Where the child lies

The doctor screams at the camera

He sounds like he’s saying I’ll smash your face in

But when the translation comes

He’s saying

Show this to Putin

Because the child has died



Last week they...

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Ukrainewar poetry

Sirens in the Distance

She was everything I wanted

Blue eyed and blonde haired

she made me laugh

and talked a lot about love

but I heard sirens in the distance


she called at random times

and her sing song voice enchants

she's checking up on me

but what the heck, she made me smile

but did I hear sirens in the distance?


I've known girls before

that were car crashes waiting to hap...

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ex girlfriendgirlfriend

The Humble Tree



The gust of wind is ever so slight 

But it lifts the seed on wings of air 

And it is borne upon the breeze in flight. 


Amid the gusts and flurries

The rain pours down and the seed is carried 

to soft fingers of the earth, unhurried. 


Nestling snugly in the earth 

the seed slips deeper down, 

washed by the rain into the earth. 


Later a green shoot...

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The Day Bobby Kennedy Died

I was watching television when Bobby Kennedy died

I was only twelve years old 

But old enough to cry

I ran out into the garden somewhere

And quietly said a prayer

But that didn’t seem to matter,

because Bobby Kennedy died


I was kind of upset that no one was listening

I just wish they’d answered my prayers

I remember going to bed that night

dragging my feet on the...

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Like my Mother Used to Make

I’ve got a desire for a cheese sandwich on fresh white bread

Just like my mother used to make

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever taste one again

You know, not any old cheese sandwich

But the ones my mother used to make


On cold winter evenings

She’d serve stew and dumplings

And her poached eggs on toast was a wonderful feast

Not ordinary eggs

But the ones like my mother...

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