I'm A Scouser

I'm a scouser, Liverpool born and bred.
A 50's child, and in '65 I became a red!
I've lived in prefabs to high rise blocks.
I've seen us recover from all the knocks.

I'm a scouser, brought up on the Fab 4.
Every record went to number 1 for sure!
Then I discovered Doddy on our old TV.
A childhood hero, and still a hero to me.

School days, not the best I have to say.
I had no ambition, fun stood in the way!
Didn't worry much about levels or grade.
As long as T.Rex sold more than Slade!

I'm a scouser, over the river often sailed.
Our waterfront, rightly worldwide hailed.
I visit our lovely parks, Sefton tops my list.
So many beautiful things not to be missed!

I'm a scouser, 2 tragedies to our name.
Whatever happened to the 'beautiful game'?
The cause of one, we hold our hands up.
No person should die in pursuit of the Cup.

The other tragedy at Hillsborough in '89.                                                            We fought hard for justice as not our crime.                                                        '96' lives officially lost on that semi final day.                                                        But there's been plenty more flowers to lay.

I'm a scouser, I've fell in love many times.
But more often than not, I misread the signs!
So that's a chapter, I consider incomplete.
Still on the look out before accepting defeat!

So that's part of my story, of this scouse lad.
Much more in the future, hopefully to add!
And whatever comes my way, right or wrong.
To this great City of mine I will always belong!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 7th Sep 2020 15:42

Pride in one's origins is a great thing. But the ups must acknowledge
the downs - and tragedies are included when totting up the tally.

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Mon 7th Sep 2020 12:09

A great Liverotic poem.A brilliant poetic tickle of the past.Well done.

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Mike Bartram

Sun 6th Sep 2020 16:14

Funny, because I often think about that, and a young friend asked that very question this morning, before I wrote the poem. I would stay, that is the honest truth. There are some beautiful and very expensive properties in the likes of Childwall, Allerton and Woolton, so I would move there and lower the tone in the process obviously!

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Brian Maryon

Sun 6th Sep 2020 15:48

The acid test is always the question 'if you won £10 million on the lottery would you move out of Liverpool?" If not then you speak the truth. But others before you moved well away...Beatles, Cilla, Tarbuck, O'Grady etc.

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