Breaking free

Help me, to make it out alive

Help me, to live it out in quite

Help me, to hold my tongue without a bite

Help me, to get peace inside.


You said it's upto you,

Never ever thought how I can manage to,

Need some peace need some time,

Blown myself getting on mine.


"Peace out", "Peace out" was your words,

Getting frustrated was I curse.

Now keep your promise help me out,

I made you my queen, you made a pawn.


You said to do this and I agreed

You said to do that and I agreed

Now that I am not as good as you think

Won't you help me letting me free.


I was bad, I was dumb,

Making your choices becoming numb,

Becoming your puppet all I was,

How I cared, not any more.


Now I'll live my life,

Reach out to a moonlight shine,

Braking silence when I like,

Then I'll get my peace inside.


bad relationshipcurseFinding peacegaininglosing

◄ सफरनामा।


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