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Fortunes were raining, as you got this shape,

Isn't it a gift, precious and generous one?

Then why is the restlessness going against nature?

To become what you are not and forget you are?

Is it to compete with world?

Busy comparing and trapping yourself, between the best and worst,

Can the moon and sun or water and fire be compared?

They have their own nature with pinch of vice and virtue.

But each's strength is vital for survival.

An easy but difficult thing to digest?

Likewise all atoms are special with shiny touch of god,

and since all have that touch, all remain one.

Only spotted difference is of preferences and priorities.

Now, what is your concern?

Explore the world and find your nature,

Is it shining, blowing or breezing one?

Then live to your best without fear of judgement.

As only thing which matters is realization,

that you are beautiful in your own way!



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