You are my moment, as you read
Your eyes are full of tact, unembarrassed, laughing
And my dream is just of continuing.
We cannot add up or divide words, as we can numbers,
Yet,  humans can be equally intractable.
Friends die in the blinking of an eye.
You cannot eat your words
Nor can you précis feelings
But we can certainly stretch the truth
At a blooming, with our first tooth,
Or at  our first lisping of the word
Word is the sum; the product of feeling.
Ensure you do not slip into double-dealing
For you are simply beautiful
In as much as you are a secret
You like to be preserved, like jam.
There is a truth in every longing.
So stay unreachable, but not far away
The dream of happiness is more than happiness ever can be.
Happiness is a postponement of truth.
So, be irretrievable, like youth, like childhood, like love. 
Let yourself dream for a sufficiency of time
Echo everything you will ever remember in rhyme.
For the heart's story lies shredded in tears
Yet, love remains its target;
The truth is only the soul's dream;
You are an apparition woven of dreams.
The sunshine spun from your smile sustains my sleep
You were born in the silent sun of my heart
We will never part, for we have uncreated ourselves. 

Lovers in an enchanted garden by Thomas Edwin Mostyn on artnet

The Garden of Enchantment from ‘Parsifal’ (the opera by Richard Wagner). Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864–1930) · Bradford Museums and Galleries

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John Marks

Fri 18th Sep 2020 21:42

Thank you, I am grateful more than you can know that you recognise some truth in this poem. Thank you again, Cathy, Shifa and Stephen.

“We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry.” — William Butler Yeats, from PER AMICA SILENTIA LUNAE.

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Thu 17th Sep 2020 00:19

Thank you for spreading the love with your breathtaking words John. 🔥

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