Racist let us kill a great nation


If made to have
An axe to grind
Rubbing with nails
A social scar
Left behind,
Ethnic groups
Itching to go for
One another’s throat
Hard may not be
To find.

With the aim to gain
Cheap popularity
By using impish trick
Employing scare tactic
To hack social fabric
Phony politicians
Exhume the hatchet
Among ethnic groups
To blow
Previous petty clashes
Out of proportion
From the groups’
Time-old Chemistry
And the Chemistry’s
Good side
Deflecting attention.

“Dislodge that
Ethnic group
From its abode,
Which must fall
In our fold.
Burn others’
Houses and churches
Forget the
Fear of God
Demographic engineering
Is instrumental
In ethnic cleansing.
We must do that
With a single swoop
If it is our wont
To win in our region
A majority vote.

Wipe out
Ethnic group
Any other
Than ous
None is better.”

“Population boom,
Coupled with
Resource depletion,
Could court our
Race’s extinction
This justifies
Others’  extermination.
Even those
That palisaded
With bone and blood
The nation
And to hand it down
To this generation
Who cared
Must not  be spared.

External support
We could get
From those
For various advantages
More than willing
Revolution  to export.”

"Shall we conclude
To Auschwitz
We must allude?"//

◄ The saga of Abdissa Aga

World's ever myopic president ►


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