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in your city

Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN:

eyes squeeze shut all at once with 
wishes whispered under breaths to be 
anywhere else, anywhere cooler than 

the constant heatwave of near 100 degrees. 
Toes dip into makeshift sandy beaches 
along the city’s river while children 

play in water fountains next to erected sandcastles. 
But here in my city, it’s another monotonous 
day. I am wide-eyed making 11:11 wishes to be 

with you in your city, your heatwave, along your river, 
walking the streets when it’s your midnight. 
My sweat drips waiting for you to wipe it away. 

I’m waiting for the days where we open windows 
to a gentle breeze and kick away the sheets for relief. 


city lifedreamsheatwavesloverssummer

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