I start my day the same way I end it 
Reflecting and preparing
I believe when a day begins it is a chance to start fresh with a new perspective 
I am struggling, overwhelmed by the chaos we accept to live in our lives, it hurts. 
With every sip of coffee I believed that today would be the day I change my own shitty circumstances. 
Unfortunately, it seems that it was only the caffeine...

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In a Rut.

The sadness was all around her 
Swimming in misery up to her throat 
It weighed her down 
Yet refused to choke her 
Her tears spilled out
Falling gracefully before soaking into her skin 
What a hopeless tangle she had gotten herself into
She spent so long dwelling in this mess she was unsure of how to escape 
How long would she sing a song of sorrow? 
She prayed this was only a season

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Passing Through

I caught you off guard when I said "Hello" 
The greeting must've left you speechless as confusion was written on your face 
Yet you replied with a smile 
Tired and worn 
But real enough to fool many 
It was only an exchange of few words 
But I knew there was more to be said 
I felt there was little truth behind that "I'm Fine" 
My mind won't let me forget the sight of you Sitting in silenc...

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The Man Behind the Guitar

It felt like magic sitting there 
The night falling peacefully around us like a blanket full of stars 
We circled around fluorescent orange flames 
Lit up from the burst of color I could see his image, an entire silhouette outlined behind the flame
As he played His eyes remained shut an obvious smile stained His face  
I felt it the moment he began singing 
Chills catapulted up my spine  

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Lions Land

Take me somewhere far from here 
Preferably where my soul runs free 
Let me cry until my own little river runs dry 
There's an ache in my heart that never leaves 
It's a hurt I haven't felt before 
Deeper with no way out 
All it would take is a week 
Seven days of absolute serendipity 
Though I enjoy the view, I'd trade cornfields for lakes anyday. 
Everytime I close my eyes, I see it. 

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Stranger in the Crowd.

Unnoticed his shadow moves across the sidewalk and fades into the night
Sweaty palms and shaky nerves 
He clings to the fabric of his jacket 
The only thing larger than his fears are the holes in the wall. 
The thought made his fists sting
He sits down in the same seat every Saturday 
His eyes stare across the counter 
She never looks up 
At least not at him 
Everyone's talking but he doe...

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Heart of the Forest

She belongs to no one 
Daughter of the night 
Constellations fall upon her skin 
Like tattoos across her chest 
May the whole sky sink to the ground below
Engulf her in evening blues
Walking down a path of green she believes where trees grow there is peace 
Her hands caress the lush scenery like a warm hello. 
She doesn't mind the cold mud stuck beneath her feet as closes her eyes and than...

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Two Fools and Me.

You brought back to life the passion inside me
That burning desire to live 
That wild streak 
My heart was meant to beat 
Life is best when it's happening outside four walls 
I haven't been myself in so long
Drained of all hope and then you found me   
Now here we are 
You drive a little faster  
Music bounces through the speakers 
I stretch out in the backseat
Feeling at home
We've be...

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Out Of Reach

Tangled in the branches 
In awe of the view 
My goal was to meet with the sky 
Longing to be closer to where I find comfort 
How much longer will I wander alone, remaining hidden from your sight?
I've strayed so far that my footprints have faded into the soil. 
The light used to guide me 
Now it's disappeared behind dark clouds 
It seems like so long ago when I used to sit in anticipated s...

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Your Time Will Come

Just breathe 
Be still 
Know that all you feel will one day have purpose
Your tears will not go to waste 
What is meant to happen will 
Slow down 
Don't rush 
Life is not a race but a journey 
Be brave 
Be focused 
Do what you must in this moment to get through
Rehearse that song over and over again until you find the courage
Believe those words to be the truth 
All is not as lost as ...

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Temporary Fool.

You're the baddest 
Reputation tarnished
Wrapped in leather 
James Dean 
Real deal knock-off
Smokin' on my corner 
Fingertips frozen to the bone
No money just a backup plan 
That must be me 
You're falling again 
Lost in hopeless despair.
Once a Lover 
Won't you come in? 
Pick me up where you left off 
Three years ago 
Twenty one
You left without Goodbye. 

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The Most Perfect Dream

Last night I was gifted with a beautiful dream. 
I was barefoot, standing on loose boards and chipped paint looking out at a dead field from an old farmhouse. 
My childhood home. 
On most nights the main character in all my nightmares is me, running from several nameless demons 
I'm wide awake when I close my eyes, yet disoriented enough to bury myself alive in the trenches.  
I can still hea...

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Dig Deeper

Most casualties occur in silence
Those moments when we are locked away inside ourselves, consumed by the sound of nothing at all. 
We settle into a routine of constantly going, always busying ourselves. 
We burry the things we don't want to see underneath it all, after so long we soon forget the sound of our own voice. 
Take a look outside yourself and watch as each of us drowns in denial. 

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It's been forty eight hours 
Apparently sleep is for the weak. 
My chest aches 
Heavy with anxiety. 
In the darkness I lay still 
Unable to find peace, 
I let my mind wander. 
I think of you. 
Yes, I do know
I understand very well 
Because I'm just some girl who's in love with the band. 
It's true
I've got it bad. 
I shared with you what I adored the most and somehow you managed to ma...

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Consider Me Gone

Forty miles south 
Any sign of that town is well behind me
Hidden in a cloud of dirt  
I hit the gas 
Gravel flies
I fade into the afternoon 
A restless woman with a truck. 
Gloomy skies and headlights 
I realize there's no going back 
All the pleading in the world wouldn't make me turn around
I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into
Maybe I'll race the moon and send up a prayer or two

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Courage: A New Beginning.

For once 
In all her madness
She stood still. 
The longing desire for wandering had paused as she found contentment where she was. 
Even if that lasted only briefly it was something worth noting. 
She called adventure by it's name, but this one time she silenced her voice and welcomed the quiet. 
Envious of her own heartbeat she'd take on endless activities just to feel it pound through her ...

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