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The Cowboy

Maybe once or twice I’d cross your mind tonight, and quite possibly you’d reminisce for the sake of our youthful past times. 

Might it even arch your brow to wonder where I’m at now. 

Remember when it was me you wanted to walk alongside you through troubled waters? In and out of love with you I fell, indecisively I fled despite your constant admiration for me. Truth is, I believed no matter ...

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Wild Woman (6.)

Heavy was her heart as it sat upon her sleeve 

Split open,

Bleeding out.

Just another casualty on display for those who dared to recite their condolences 

Oh, but she continued her escapade 

Refusing to allow the condition of her cardiac woes to keep away her passion 

The wind called her name and like a wild card with no destination, she tossed herself into the storm

Landing f...

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I'm deprived of the simplest form of living 

The connection that comes from human interaction, simple conversation, lengthy chats. 

I've been alone for too long 

It seems I've numbed myself 

My only friends are a whisper through broken speakers 

I follow their words like I follow the sun

My lifeline 

I've never been in love deeply enough to be consumed by the fire, but I imagi...

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Wild Woman (5.)

Halfway through a cup of coffee she paused 

To remember 

who she is now is not who she once was 

And what a shame that is.



-Wild Woman. 



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Dear Alice

There’s a little madness in us all 

Many open the door to curiosity

Very few return 

I myself am still wandering beneath the mushrooms which shade my head 

The only way out is paved with bleeding souls 

We are all just prisoners here, of our own device

Surviving off greed and drugs

Lost inside our own Hotel California 

My own deception caught me by the throat and passed a b...

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Wild Woman (4.)

January first, 

finally the Celtic fiddle sent waves of music into the atmosphere while spreading prosperity into the New Year. 

Snow fell from the sky forming a white blanket upon the open field. 

She knelt down slowly, gently pressing her palm into the cold, dense snow. 

The cold made her feel powerful. 

She took a handful of snow, lifting it to her face, admiring the faint sparkl...

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