Celebrate Good Times

I am just going to come right out and say it

yes, I have an obsession

Now is the time for me to tell the truth

so here is my written confession


Embarrassingly I admit to stockpiling

yes, I know it is only September

If I don't buy them all as soon as possible

they will all be gone by December


They are four pounds each in Sainsburys

in Asda two for seven pounds

I am frantically buying as many as I can

until no more can be found


I have them stacked up like tall towers

in the cupboard under the stairs

Every room in the house is filling up

there is no more space anywhere


I have emptied the local store shelves

this crisis will create high inflation

A shortfall in their availability, my plan

will cause chaos across the nation


You may consider that I am being selfish

keeping them from those in need

You may accuse me of being a criminal

my crime, the sin of greed


When this pandemic is eventually over

we will celebrate across the nation

Nobody will be celebrating more than me

the stockpiler of tubs of celebrations


My chocolate stash is growing daily

I'll make a fortune at this rate

But, alas I have found a slight problem

23rd December is their best before date


just for fun

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julie callaghan

Mon 28th Sep 2020 17:29

Thanks for the likes and comment Stephen

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 28th Sep 2020 17:23

Great punchline at the end, Julie.

julie callaghan

Mon 28th Sep 2020 17:13

Thanks for the comments John and Paul and for the like Brian.

I was actually tempted to buy a tub or two the other day😀

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Paul Sayer

Mon 28th Sep 2020 17:05

Back in the day, you could only stack six 'metal' tins floor to ceiling.

Now it takes seventeen!

Think of all that plastic Julie... shame on you 😉

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John Coopey

Mon 28th Sep 2020 10:34

I take the opposite position, Julie. I buy Christmas puddings in January when they’ve knocked the prices down. And with a vacuum-sealed product with a 2-year sell-by date anyway, where’s the sense in not?

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