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You see me,

Resplendent in this abyss,

Content on the leaves of night,


You see me,

Through the trees,

Whispering in the wind yet tranquil,


A fog of memory,

Hazy the sight,

Perhaps unseemly,


A touch of jubilee,

Mayhap this time,

True sight will shine,


Walking past,

This tapestry tears,

Like a glass falling upon stone,


Standing qu...

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The cities under siege,

The king unveils his orders,

To birth a dragon, 

And claim victory among the ashes, 


Summon the pyromancers, 

The turncloaks are coming,

This city is my pyre,

To bring forth the legend,


Burn them all! 

Send them to their graves!

Burn them all! 


Burn them all! 

Let the dragon take flight!

Burn them all!


Mad delusi...

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We are the future 

You are the past

Size a damnation

We are blessed


Nuclear winter come

Your time has past

We’ll take the rein

Immortality in the microbe


Let the gamma burst

We survive

Let the floods rise 

We are aquatic


Burgeoning intelligence


An unwelcome burden

Blinding in it’s rapture


Anthropocentric thoughts


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Thoughts, feelings, emotions,

Carbon copied,

Wherein doth creation lie?

Veiled by experience.


Every step,

Every patchwork,

Retraced by lost souls,

Is amoeba an answer,


Originality a farce,

All sight captures,

And traces and muddles,

All but mockery,


Wherein doth creation lie?

Oh Vox Populi!

Consume the words like entree,

Dulled to new exp...

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Cronus and Zeus

Oh Zeus where are you now?

The Greeks brought low and the Romans fall

To the flame of a new God

Oh Zeus where will you run?

Your temples burn and your statues crumble

To the cry of a new age

Oh Zeus my son

Oh Jupiter my kin

Cry for yourself now

Where will you run?

Where can you hide?

When you are left behind

What do you become?

Oh Zeus where are your children...

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A Game of Sorts

What is this feeling

You give me your lust

Molding it like clay

I dunno what I'm dealing


I play the role

You play yours

A symbiotic playground

Where we all play fool


Let's make some waves

On this sea of pleasure

Where losers are self named

And the games a maze



We can use harsh or kind words

Let's just keep it going

Be one with this...

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