The patient coming in for tests

will now be required to fast

for 3 days prior to his visit

no food or drink for 72 hours


this is the only way we can exact

real change in his behavior

once he is too weak

to joke and wisecrack

about doctors and hospitals

we won't have a problem with him

we will also give him a drug

strong enough to kill a horse

and that should knock

his legs out from under him

after that we can pretty much

do anything we want

as long as he signed the waiver

not to sue or hold us responsible

we are good to go

we will draw blood because

we are basically sadists and

love long needles

we will find something wrong

even if we have to make it up

So remember

Nothing to eat

Nothing to drink

Nothing to it

Torture is us.




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M.C. Newberry

Tue 1st Sep 2020 12:16

Sardonic and near enough to cynical suspicions to be worth a murmur of concern. We all have the thought surely that the medicos
can look on patients as guinea pigs more than fellow beings on a
journey through life and seeking it to be as trouble-free as
possible. I have some personal experience of the "going without"
syndrome to prepare for hospital checks and remember my own
resentment of the process and the arbitrary (it seemed) policy that
inflicted this on me. Hang in there and keep them working for you -
rather than the other way can occasionally seem to be the case once you're aboard their medical-go-round! 😏

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