There's so much Fake activity

I'm just trying to make the most of what God has given me

They see im aware an try an get rid of me

If only they knew

They question why I look through

Transparent see through

When I look in your eyes i see truth

Not your own truth just the truth of what is

Your minds the stage your thoughts are showbiz

Its not your success though because its his

You see them doing well an you r like alright lad what iz

And then you're weary of me takes the piss

You spot an empath an you're like whos this..


An rightly so

See il watch you an this you know

You're around when I'm not there

No show

You know like I know ..hes about to blow

An now they're showing up like


All like theyv never been away

Nice try love ..on your way

Then they're back again pay day

Hes clever though and will play along

Youl be exposed in his next song

You say scheming was not your intention

Are you got a mention




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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 23rd Sep 2020 18:20

Your mind's the stage, your thoughts are showbiz... great line! 👏

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