The five, physical senses of animals:

Sound, sight, smell, touch, taste,

Excite fight or flight

For survival of the individual and the pack.

Or they invite association, sexual mating,

For continuance of the species.


We humans with our superior brains

Take our senses well beyond the physical

Into the broad sphere of emotion,

Which we call our 'feelings',

Literally 'moved out' of the esoteric

Into ideas expressible in language.

Cause and effect happen naturally, of course.

But we humans find that stimulating our senses

Can provide an adrenalin high

Without fear of injury or death.

And so, we demand this state at will.

Et voila! ART!


Ah, well, have a laugh,

Or give it a moment's thought.

There might be a point in there somewhere.

Not really sure.

But it is fun to think about

However ineptly.

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