Firefly Truth?

You're the type of girl 
That can make me jealous 
I don't want to see another boy around your waist
You pick snitches and cheaters you
Haven't had a real man in so long 

Don't get me wrong I was the absolutely worse back then
I've changed a lot since then
So how long are you going to pull these poor boys strings?
The truth is I know you more than you like 

I know you're devious  
You play the game better than most
You can't fool me

We talked about me having abandonment issues 
You're just as bad as me, can't be alone for five seconds
I'm not here to start problems I'm here to fix them

Why are you drinking too much? 
Why are you doing drugs again? 
What is wrong with you
Most of these little boys want you drinking 
I'm trying to get you off all this shit

don't be cynical I'm not trying to start problems
I want a future where you're not stuck in a trailer park
it's up to you you have free will I respect that
I can't help anyone who doesn't want it

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg ►


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