Half-Fallen Rain

he could not make her out

at close quarters but afar

smiling yes but acting no

near, yet distant as a star


like rain falling half-way

a tide trapped out at sea

an infant sapling stunted

a blossom without a bee


brows furled with doubt

mouth unstable not still

eye contact fraying, lost

signals iced by inner chill


curious blend, rare alloy

what elements got fused

within this cypher, is she

damaged hurt, or abused?


wild behind shy facades?

furnace in a frosty cradle

amalgam of molten pain

bronzing her crystal ladle


body language scrambled

half-smiles a knotted rope,

mien spun high-wire tight

moist hand spurning hope


in her mirror sees a stanger

skin cladding but half a frame

open to read or else interpret

except that this is not a game


self-conscious schoolgirl wit,

inverted under stilted eyes

can't learn the rules, the type

when she goes home, she cries

half-fallenraindistanteye contactsignalsfacadesbody language

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