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Electrical Flowers

I woke up and wished

but couldn't remember what

the night had done for me,

emerging crawling from a vat

submarine black and

shedding white spiders.

The vault stretches back,

circle beyond square beyond circle,

photographs framed

on every wall,

some have been put up

by enemies.


In the shattered remnants

of this cliff-face monument,

I keep walking betwe...

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The Lock-Up

Late again

footsteps, always, footsteps

lurch for the light

November is all old breath

wasting in cracks outside.

I can tell that this takes

you time.

Pulling the chain on

a disintegrating world, where

everything is a pretty

picture, celebration and street

parties are mandatory and

summer has been rebranded

as a megatrend.

Three wide faces, pastel colour


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General Outlook (UK/COVID/21)

Steaming hot, black takes

Instant coffee journalists:

'In for the long haul'

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Sports Day

Afterwards you came to me

and asked

'Why did you slow down

before the end?'

I had not realised

I had


The blue glass sky

bled us sweat-dry

and lurking

in the corner

always the eyes

the eyes


Inside all was madness

and crushed teal ice

for all of us

my mind's stalled

back in time

for what?


I could not shed

the cloak of air


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