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Breaking free

Help me, to make it out alive

Help me, to live it out in quite

Help me, to hold my tongue without a bite

Help me, to get peace inside.


You said it's upto you,

Never ever thought how I can manage to,

Need some peace need some time,

Blown myself getting on mine.


"Peace out", "Peace out" was your words,

Getting frustrated was I curse.

Now keep your promise help...

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bad relationshipcurseFinding peacegaininglosing


जब जागा तो रात यूं बरसी,

सवेरा देखने आखे तरसी।

खुशनुमा से इस माहौल में यूं जो लोग आए,

हस्ते हस्ते नजाने कब रुला जाए।

ये वक्त ये लम्हा ही तो था एक मेरा,

हस्ते हस्ते कुछ चंद पलों में ही सिमट गया।

इस सन्नाटे में शोर सुन सुन के,

अब शोर भी चुप हो गया।


डरता था सोच कर की क्या कहूं किस्से कहूं,

इतनी भीड़ में भी खुद को अकेला पाने लगा था।

ये समझ कर की वो है मेरे साथ,


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destinyfalse heavenhindiHindi poetrykarmamy pathpathpath of life

A fight to survive

Seeing the beautiful sky,

From my dead eyes.

Wondering the beauty in the holy night,

Dark was the only colour which helps me to hide.


Hiding my sadness my sorrows my fear my cries,

Trying my best to keep the face with smile.

My hobbies,my joy, my emotions were becoming day by day a bit fewer,

Now I am just existing in the world, can't even face myself in the mirror.



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anxietydarkdepressionfearfighthatehelplesshelplessnessnightovercomeself destructionself harmself hate

Mirror of perception

'Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the ugliest of them all'.
Hearing the answer gotten so sad,
For the looks of it, he was not so bad.
Seeing himself ugly in every face,
But it was just his perception not the case.
Thinking of this day and night,
Forgetting the beauty was not in the face but inside.

Again giving himself a chance, he gathered courage.
Asking one more question, like a sag...

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beautifulhappyinner beautymirrorperceptionperspectivesadugly

A Drowning Dream.

To learn everyday was what taught to me,
Sinking in an ocean, moving steadily;
It was the ocean of knowledge and believes,
Suddenly the world changed, and power came to cease.

'Look at him, look at her', comparing to the whole world,
Trying my very best, to win in every word.
Becoming a good son, a dear brother and good friend,
But that 'I', was lost in the end.

I became what you want,...

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anxietybrokenbroken dreamscompassiondreamsdrowndrowninglow self-esteemself hateself worth

A battle with self.

In a dusky morning, the sun was setting,
Wanted to scream in a silent mic.

No more of this frustration, no more of this hatred,
Death was the only freedom came to his mind.

Listening to the people, listening to himself he realised,
Many a things don't matter, So does his life.

Losing his hobby, his like, his ego, his pride.
Losing his humanity, was what it was like.

'Try to stay po...

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battledepresseddepressionemptinesshopelesslifepainstrugglesuicidesuicide depression


Once I saw a dream
Of living in an open air
Full of freedom with colorful layer.
Having a sight to achieve a height
There comes a lover of a face with smile.
Never said, never asked a question
Simple sight made all the decisions.
Believing the person, giving up everything,
My life was trapped like anything.

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cagedistrustdreamfreedomgoallifesly persontrappedtrust

A new Family

When I walked through the path,
Alone in the moonlight stars.
I found a stranger wearing smile,
Didn't know the feelings behind
Walked with her and saw a different world
'There I got a new family' - I loved
Didn't know we could get so close
That my life could be disastrous if we broke.
Hiding the feelings behind and faking the smile they left.
Hope of meeting again is the only thing they ...

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To the best mentor he ever had.

Once there was a boy
Full of misery and no joy
Given up hopes a long by
Just in a stand still when she crossed by.

'You can do it. You were great'
This was the first time when someone said..
This feeling of accomplishment he never felt,
This feeling of achievement he never had.

Never had someone who believed in him.
Waiting for a long time, gathering enough guts,
Wanted to say 'thank...

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