I Am A Man


I am a man

and will take what comes


what can a cell do

that I cannot overcome

I will defeat this scourge

I will win

I will hold up against adversity

I will not let it defeat me

I am a man

you only a tiny cell

my blood thicker

my resolve stronger

my determination

overrides your numbers

you came inside secretively

without invitation

now leave

like you came in

you are my opponent but

I am stronger than you

I will radiate you

kill you where you live

your days

are numbered

mine with any luck

are not.



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keith jeffries

Sun 13th Sep 2020 19:11

strength and defiance. I am with every word. This is one of your best.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 13th Sep 2020 15:27

Your resolve is much more powerful than luck my friend.

Set some time aside for rest, relaxation, and above all some meditation to bring about balance and harmony.

It is as simple as sitting quietly and saying to yourself

"I am calm, relaxed, balanced and healed"

Use this as your 'man'tra. Man.

Breath slowly and calmly in your own time and repeat as often as you please whenever you please.

Be Well

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