The Silence Still Talks

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Confined to a tiny apartment

terrified of a viral threat

she rocks in her chair listening


to voices in the corridor

Who is going out?

To voices in the street

Who are they? Are they infected?


She turned off the TV months ago

when depression became too much to bear.


In the silence she waits

for the danger to pass

listening to the constant

chatter of her mind.


Through tears she writes to loved ones

Between crazed sentences she wishes them well

“Perhaps” she says, “we’ll meet again at Christmas.”

#covid #elderley #fear #voices #alone

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Nicola Hulme

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 15:43

Thanks Paul and what a lovely idea... as National Poetry Day is approaching, 1st October.. maybe all poets should post a poem as you suggest?

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Paul Sayer

Tue 22nd Sep 2020 11:34

Superb poem Nicola, about the very real plight of so many.

Write poetry for those in need...


Snail mail it to somebody who needs the personal contact to show them they are not forgotten!

Sign it
From somebody who cares.

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