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Then, let them eat snowflake

Into the office 

someone's brought cake!

Don't they know

I'm a little snowflake!


I have no willpower 

Can't think for myself

Then in strolls this cocky

little cake elf!


Spreading obesity

Like covid 19

Don't they know cake

should never be seen! 


It's total carnage

There's cream round me gob

And, now, someone's brandishing 

a chocolate hob-...

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A Ballad Of Tide & Time


I watched the ship break

under the biblical rage of the sea

The mast creaking into splinters

The greedy waves taking bites of bow & stern 

I listened 

as the wind, howling like a wolf,

carried the wailing away 

under a sky of trauma 

But then, 

her hand broke through a swell

Alabaster against grey

I cried out

Tried to crawl

but too soon 

I would be ca...

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Land of the free?

Through a gape in the curtains 

A shard of morning light 

slices my bloated belly in two

How ironic, I think

A body divided 

The inner, unwanted

The outer, a pathetic addict

And they tell me

MY baby will be born a junkie 

Assuming it doesn't O.D. 

inside its little toxic den first…


There's dust motes twinkling 

in the shard's overflow:


Dead skin can...

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Luxuriously Tranquil

Luxuriously Tranquil 

lay on the bed

with a yawn full of dreams

and a cumulus head 


It didn't care much

for the midday rush

It much preferred calm

and the lull of a hush


With purpose, it idled 

Into sweet, silent bliss

But, at 2 in the morning 

It, still, had to get up to piss 🙄

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