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Something's Creeping...

Something comes creeping

Through the dark night

I look from my window

But it's just out of sight!


Something comes knocking

Knocking at my door

I slowly turn the handle

But, it's there no more!


Something comes crawling

Crawling so slow

Shall I turn to look?

I no longer know!


Something is breathing

Under my bed!

I dare not look

'case it loo...

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Scary mary

Little Dickie's Poo-Pot

Two little dickie birds

Sittin' on a pot

One did a poo

The other

Did not…


...yes, my WOL friends, that's the grand total of poetry I'm able to summons this week 


Not quite up to Hugh standard 😂

I think the title may be one of my best though 😆


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Strange Old Day


I ate some strange old mushrooms

Got chased off a shark

It jumped outta my beer bottle

And began to bark


I ran through a dying mist

And into a wall

Then into the deepest sleep

I began to fall.


Into strawberry Fields

With lemon drizzle streams

And coconut shells

Full of incoherent dreams 



What a strange

Old day

Making conversations...

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The Misted Pane



I passed by a window

Where an old man smiled 

and misted up the dirty pane


Behind his eyes the sadness showed 

of every steep & rocky road

He'd had to climb


Next day I thought I'd call on him

And out he came

So pale and thin

-but with that smile


And graceful guile 


He said


in my mind, 

I'm as free as a summer breeze


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The Unsettled Man


I came upon a man, unsettled

Wandering a barren land

He'd lost his hope and joy somewhere

So, I took his trembling hand


I told him I had lost my heart

And my soul had flown away

But, together, perhaps, we could find

A better place to stray


We came across a weeping girl

With skin of obsidian black

Her flesh was torn and gaping red

Where the wh...

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A Reflection


The man in the mirror

No longer looks like me

His best years are behind him

There's nothing more to see 

His daughter is now a woman

With family of her own

The years now seem to fade away

Into the bleak unknown

Although I'll keep on dreamin'

Of better things to come

Sometimes I feel like runnin' free

Into the rising sun

A slither of a silhouette 


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The Rhythm of My Heart


I dream of idle chatter

In a bar where nothing matters

Where sweet vibrations beat

In rhythm with my feet

And laughter comes so easy

Conversations light & breezy

Like a languid summers day

Where your mind can drift away

And eyes are full of winks

And lips are full with smiles

And beer flows like nectar

As we dance in different styles:

Some without rhythm


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A Love Song (forever)

A Love Song



There was a time

When love defined 

All of the things 

life could show


So undermined 

By routine & time 

Upon our own tide 

we ebb and we flow 


A fork in the road

A different abode 

What would these old eyes

Of mine now see? 


Perhaps without love

Perhaps then I could

Get over how much

You mean to me 


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A Better Life


The car jolted.

Her weary eyes 

opened slowly

Like mechanical shutters 


Flickering through trees,

the dying sunlight

stabbed at her sight

with golden shards.


Mouth dry

Limbs weak

Clothes damp



A stench of sweat 

Lingered in tobacco air 

Made her cough

Made her gag


Where's Daddy?

she croaked

Muffled laughter


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immigrationModern slavery




Who am I?

Who knows? not I !

Perhaps, I'll find out

when I die

When in the ground 

cross armed I lie

and become 

the congregation spy

Will friends & family

sincerely cry

Or, perhaps pretend

and also lie?

Will I hear truths

I now deny?

Or, will they say

'Oh! What a guy!'

Will happy thoughts

of times gone by

Just turn to thoughts

of ...

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Mr Rhubarb


(Song for politicians)


There's a...


Great view from my Ivory Tower

The window is frosted, but I still feel the power.

Got my...


Savile suite so I feel the part

But I like to pretend I got it straight from Primark

I feed my…


Flock through the magical lense

My sincere smile upon your telly transcends

And I'm…


Fully trained not to give a ...

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Night-time Serenade

The dusk turns to dark

As I look to the sky

With starlight reflected

in the blue of my eyes

And, softly, into focus 

come the heroes of old

Each golden cluster

a tale to be told:

The Hunter & his Hounds

search the night sky

For dragons & serpents

and horses that fly

While Perseus gives Andromeda the eye

And grabs her a moonbeam

as one passes by



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A Cadenza

A Cadenza


A melody drifted through the sky

All who heard, could not deny

The feeling of joy within its sway

As we sang & danced the night away


The song broke free upon the wind

And all indifference did rescind 

It came from mouths like blossom freed

Unchaining hearts of every creed


We danced until our hearts were clean

And thoughts ran clear as crystal ...

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Something wicked this way comes

For Dante's Inferno fills God's lungs

Heave o' heave! The mortal tide

Stitch & weave his ruined pride

Or, too late fall

Into the gaping wound

Until the time of man

Has been consumed


This world is of our making

Its resources slowly breaking

Yet, we continue to prod & poke

Though, it is ourselves we slowly choke.

If Nature...

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Broken Friends

(Originally song lyrics for a friend, wrote after the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington)


Broken friends 


In the backstreets of my mind 

I kicked a ball against a wall

It bounced into a neighbours yard, 

Where, I cut my hand upon a shard

of glass that glittered in the sun, 

Into my mind again I'd run

And wake within this broken life

Upon my wrist I held a kni...

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She danced under the moonlight

Deep, deep into the trees

Until the morning mist

Made her the dew upon the leaves   


She dripped unto the fertile soil

Where fragrant flowers bloomed

Then bees refined her into honey

And your eager mouth consumed


Your sticky lips, like summer, shone

As you sowed your field of corn

And the innocence of restless youth


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A New Breath

He flung the rope 

over a branch of a tree

And fluttering down

came a few dead leaves


He watched them rest

upon the cold, crisp earth

And cursed his mother

For his wasted birth


This year of pandemic

Had him stripped to the bone

Made him jobless & useless

A bear in his home


Frustration begat anger

And anger begat fear

Unable to provide


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covid 19familyHopelifenew beginnings

It's Christmaaaaas!

Last shift done
On the home run
Nice iced bun
an' a cuppa tea
Merry Christmas to me! 😋

Aw, go on then:
And to you 
The WOL crew xx ❤️

A strange year indeed

But, poetry took the lead

To conjure smiles & debate

And relieve a little weight 

All the best, time to rest 🎉

Steve xx






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The Falling of Snow


It takes me back to a boy;

the falling of snow

To a fluffy, white street

under a streetlight's dull glow:


Where an old man trudges through

Each foot now a plough

Eyes squinting to see

The here and the now


I watch from a window

My youthful eyes wide

Thinking: move to the road

Then you can slide!


But he carries on trudging

As I shake my youn...

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A Silhouette in Time



On cold winter nights like these

When silhouetted flames of orange and red 

flicker and sway upon the walls 

of a darkened room

The past can find its way back

Seeping out of cracks, long-since filled

Through floorboards, long-since replaced

Soft and hushed, 

ingrained in the periphery

The flames luring memories from shadows 

to join in perfect ambience



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Afterlifegenerations pastShadows

A Ghost Of Christmas Past


Granda's slouched 

In his fave comfy chair

A Christmas cracker party hat

Hides his four strands of hair


His wife always said:

'Get the buggers cut!'

But he wasn't quite ready

To be a total baldy nut! 


He wishes she was here now

Nagging at full pelt:

'If ye eat or drink one more thing,

yer gonna burst your belt!'


And Sophie's eyes sparkle


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The Nasty Little Snowman

The nasty little snowman

Wasn't made of all things nice

They'd patted him together

With, mostly, dirty ice


He had rusty bolts for eyes

And a beer bottle nose

A frozen dog turd mouth

And a piece of garden hose


shoved up his frozen arse.

The kids found this so funny

But, when he opened his dogshit mouth

They all ran home to mummy!


Such expletives he...

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ChristmaslaughNaughty snowman

A Winter Escape

(a re-post, but it seems more appropriate now! ⛄)


Like comets we slid through the crisp, white grass

In our wake billowed a powder-puff mass

It floated and swirled and twinkled with light

Like low-hanging stars broke free of the night


And in snow-laden fields angels were made

A concertina of limbs in the snow where we lay

We rolled and we frolicked and snowballs were...

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Infinitum spes


The shadow strewn floor

revealed nothing but

the caricature of her outer lie 

Inside was far, far darker

Shadows of shadow

The precipice to a great, voracious hollow 

into which I fell

Where bone-fused gondolas  

upon icey streams 

surged ripples to my slowly decaying heart


But while it still pulsed

There was hope


And all we really have, in a worl...

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Me v The Moon

Nestled upon a pillow of cloud

The moon sat, big and fat

As I watched it from my garden

In a cul-de-sac


It didn't really do much

Just illuminate the sky

But, then I thought: that alone

Makes it a greater thing than I ! 


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On a cold winter's night

They sat, hand in hand

Ravaged by time

Old in design


Two dinosaurs

In a digital age

Still in analogue love

Upon a wireless hub


Sitting on a park bench

Beneath a full moon

At the end of their time

Bodies poised to resign 


As frost gathers around

They glisten as one

Hands intertwined

Old parchment defined


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To Bloom


Life is like the smallest flower

Stretching for some sun

When all the bigger ones devour

All it could become

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A Place Where Mushrooms Grow


Roses were never within her

Just the cloying fragrance of Lilies 

Emanating from every pore and ethereal breath 

Moss befriending her like an earthly blanket

Comforting her cold, dead bones

Flesh decaying to fertilizer

for sprouting fungi: 

Tempting flavoursome morsels of meaty bouquet


Take one, whispers the breeze


Persuaded by gentle winds that prickle sk...

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The Old Garden Gate

A WWI remembrance poem

(First published online for Northern Life magazine 2018)


It creaked as he left:

The old garden gate

He’d promised to fix it

But now it was too late


Tearful in the doorway

His mother cries out,

‘Do it when you’re back, Billy!’

And of this she has no doubt


He waves,

And off to glory are the swathes

Of boys, and men in their pr...

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I struggle without hands

Have no mouth, to speak of

And my eyes avert.

I itch and blotch, 

And the radiance of the sky

Illuminates my sheer loneliness.

Darkness can't come soon enough

'Though I fear my blanket will

one day

become the soil of my grave.


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Depressionhopemental healthself confidenceshyness

The Crimson Queen!

(Happy Halloween everyone!)


She rides upon a crimson horse

Its eyes as black as tar

Pray not to hear her whispered name

For she'll come to where you are


Her skin: as white as fresh-laid snow 

And twice as cold to touch

Her hair: as black as night itself

Hold your breath now, hush!


For if you hear the galloping hooves

Coming to your door

Run with all ...

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Oh come to me!


From the windswept clifftop

She could see below

Far below into the cove

Where lay, a body upon the sand

And, dragged by tide,

A waving hand

It swayed like the branch

Of a wind-laden tree


Come to me

Oh come to me!


A breath of chill

Now, caressed her skin

Whilst staring down at the cove

And the figure within


And upon her grasped


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She shivered in the misty morn
Her shoulders hunched, her face forlorn
She sat upon a fallen tree
At what she stared, he could not see
Into the woods, she stared so hard
At something she could not discard

Tom, sat beside her, said 'Hello'
But no emotion did she show
'What do you see, out in the trees?'
Her hissed reply made his blood freeze:

'THE DEMON! It watches, and eats up my bre...

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dryadHalloweentree spiritwoods

Such Dreams as Stuff are made on...


Dreams are such strange creatures

Presenting vivid or

amorphic features


They steep your mind

in make-believe

Where past & present



I'm in the woods

'neath a gnarly tree

Where friends of old 

run wild & free 


Friends who now rest

as soil or ash

Or who simply faded

into time's elapse


But, I'm standing there

Fully gro...

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Cooking Pot!


Come look inside my cooking pot

It's full of children you forgot

Upon the streets, so cold & wet

I steal away their rancid breath


Then grind them down to fit my pot

And heat it up so very hot

Then feed them to the homeless ones

Who gobble them up with such aplomb!


My good deed done, I crawl back home

And slither upon my thorny throne

And there I wait wi...

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Head Space

One day I looked 

inside my head

And there I found

words left unsaid:


Make haste
No time
Hate love
Always shout
Never listen


So, I put haste in the waste
Told No to go!
Put a lid on bid
Locked hate in a crate 
Gave shout a clout (until it ran out)
Got rid of never, forever


I'd like to think
That what remained
In all of us 
Is preordained:



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The Darkness And The Light



and I alone

upon my bed of cobbled stone


   As my flesh weeps into gravel sheets

I ponder what it must be like

to be whole again

   To feel I had a soul again

This dessicated shell

crumbles like mountain scree

down, down to the hungry, black sea

lapping and licking at the feet of my bed

dragging out, with the tide, 

such meagre light from my hea...

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Bed Of Bones


Come sit atop my bed of bones

With crimson hue

And darkened tones


Discard your flesh

Come join the rabble

For ecstasy waits

For those who dabble


I've cleared a space

Atop my bed

To lay your bones

When you are dead


I'll pick them clean

And hold them dear

Just so you know

'Tis only I to fear! 

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Above The Clouds

(wrote back in March, which now seems an age ago)

The reluctant tears of morning dew 

hang from foliage of vivid green.

A global pandemic is mentioned. 

Ears barely prick 

Minds drift like snow: 

Mmm what's for tea?

The dew becomes gas and floats 

Ribbons of wispy white melt into the blue high above.


Feet burn upon newly laid decking under an early summer sun...

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Seven Little Girls...


Seven little girls went too deep

Into the forest where shadows creep.

They found a path, which was never there

And wandered down without a care


In a clearing they heard a song;

A haunting tune to sing-along

It got right in their flesh & bones

A lullaby of dulcet tones 


Within their minds, there grew a cyst

Where danced the oldest, darkest witch

Who humm...

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Ethereal Streaming

Your hand unfurled

Revealing stars 

You'd captured while out dreaming 


They drifted skyward:

Little wisps of hope

Reaching out like ethereal streaming


I breathed them in 

As dawn brightened 

The stirring sea


And downloaded all the wonders

Of what you and I

Could, one day, grow to be.


(Ethereal Streaming is not available via Netflix)

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Your Scar

(for the little girl who haunts my dreams still) 


Dear Daddy,


Not that you'd care, but

All that I wanted was to make you proud

But, I was too stupid

Too fat

Too loud


All you ever did was bring me down

I was your scar

Your permanent frown


I was your verbal punchbag

In your whiskey fuelled state

Never felt I was your child 

Just a vessel for...

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abuselifemental health

How free are we?

How free, flows the raging river

How free, float the clouds

How free, sways the luscious grass

How free, stand trees so proud


How free, swirls the playful wind

How free, tides ebb and flow

How free, the sunlight bathes the earth

How free, wild flowers grow


How free, the stars prick night with gold

How free, the moon that shimmers

How free, roam creatures of ...

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How it should bee...

(A lament)
Modern world blocking the transmission?
Too much traffic? 
A world too erratic
Does the whispering grass still play a tune
Or has brick and mortar brought it to ruin?
This world is so fast!
Take me back to the past!
It makes such a  din!
I don't know where to begin!
And cars, 
bloody cars everywhere!
If I had any left, 
I'd pull out my hair! 

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Political Irrigation!

(Wrote during the post Brexit
 vote debacle)

Ahh democracy!
What a wonderful thing!
The freedom of a vote that counts
Makes my lickle heart sing!

The Magna Carta, the 2nd Reform
The start of our foundations
The principles of all free worlds
The lifeblood of our nation 

The Suffragettes - great heroines
Spilled blood to earn the right
They would not bow or break or bend
Or fade...

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Her Last Dance

The fading embers of her mind

Drift away to a long-ago time
To shrouded visions of some young girl
A time of wonder, a world to unfurl

Through fields she would dance humming a tune
Losing herself amidst the sweet scent of bloom
A fragrant-filled-feast for her lungs to consume
Within the wonderful freedom of nature's playroom

And as the shimmering Sun went down
She would dance throug...

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The Thief of Breath and Hugs (part 1)

She'd been told with much conviction

How the window was a shield.

For outside there lurked a wicked thief

And her breath this thief would steal


But, her family stood beyond the pane 

A daughter, granddaughter & son 

Who'd send out smiles like rays of light

And through the glass they'd come


She blows them kisses, and shakes her fist

In case this thief's about


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