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A Calling

The lads have escaped league 1 at last! 😁 A little poem I did pre game.


Can you hear them?


The shipbuilder's hammer

The picks upon the seams

Drifting up from glories past

Still harbouring foretold dreams 


The whispering of legends

Still bleeding red n white 

The time is here, the time is now

Time to put things right!


The Roker Roar still lingers


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Winter Song (10 line challenge)

Beyond his window 


Where his breath melted the frost


The snow sparkled like a blanket of stars


He could see her smile


Drifting up from memories past


Her portrait dancing in candlelight 


He held the present he never gave her


The radio reminiscing in the background 


Mud, crooning Lonely this Christmas 


I will be, he thought. Wit...

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Her Words

Her thoughts 

fell like petals

Softly upon



Turning Scribbles 

into blossom 

Full of wonder

and enchantment 


Her blood became ink

Her heart, a beating scroll

Sonnets were her tears

Weeping from her soul 


From her lips, a couplet

A stanza's sweet caress

Inhaling words, exhaling verse

Poetry made flesh! 

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All Fall Down...

Down in the valley 

Where wild things grow

There came a mist

Of long ago


Within the haze:

A nursery rhyme


Dark webs of time

Ring o' Rosie 

If you please

Come float with us

Upon the breeze


It gets so lonely

Down in the ether

So Mother says

It's time to feed her 


Pockets full 

Of posies rare

From a time

No lo...

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Keep the ship asail, boy

For one day you shall die

Beneath the whip & chains, boy

Your soul shall surely cry 

How dare you break those Shackles, boy!

Your slavery is your duty!

Get back down under decks, boy!

This is pure mutiny!



"Why do you throw me over, boy!"


"Cos, with freedom, boy, there comes much  joy!"


Definitely could be longer lol. But th...

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I Wonder If...

I wonder if you

Ever got to hold

the starlight in your eyes

In the palm of your hand 

When you left


I wonder if you

Spin candy floss

from passing clouds

And siphon cider

from the sun


I wonder if you 

Weave blankets from dusk

And yawn 

the colours of dawn


I wonder if you 

Shower in rainbows

And shake the colours 

upon waking flowers


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The blue sky is my ceiling 
The fluffy clouds my pillow
And here I lounge in dreamy bliss
Beneath a weeping willow 


The sunlight catching idle thoughts
To turn them into rays
And scatter them
Like sunny seeds
To brighten darker days

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My Lonely Love


Do not weep
My lonely love
I'll find ye
in the heather
Within the garden
of our souls
Where we
shall join together 


Like days of old
My lonely love
We'll bathe  
in amber light
And be preserved
My lonely love 
'Til time
bids us goodnight


Painting by Aaron Geraud

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Oh Sweet Bird Of Youth

Don't fall from your perch
Oh sweet bird of youth
For life doesn't always 
Tell you the truth 


There's many who lie
Deep in their lies 
And hover around
Like unwanted flies


But, pay no heed
Oh sweet bird of youth
Ignore those who taunt
Or call you uncouth 


For you are the blossom 
The sweet morning dew
Unique to yourself 
The most beautiful you!


You're t...

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Knock, Knock!

Knock, knock
Can you hear me?
Please let me in
I'll save you from God
And convert you to sin


I won't abandon 
Or show you no care
There's a free set of horns
So you know that I'm there!


I'll speak in wry tongues
Only you understand
And tattoo your soul 
With my 666 brand!


I'll make you new shoes
(On the hoof, as it were)
You'll be able to trot
Around my pit of ...

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Knock, Knock!

Knock, knock
Can you hear me?
Please let me in
I'll save you from God
And convert you to sin


I won't abandon 
Or show you no care
I'll give you free horns
So you know that I'm there!


I'll speak in wry tongues
Only you understand
And tattoo your soul 
With my 666 brand!


I'll make you new shoes
(On the hoof, as it were)
You'll be able to trot
Through my pit of de...

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I kissed her 

in a thousand 




She learned

to love

my many faces



But the last


The last…


She did not see

at all



I bricked it up


a wall



And there 

it stays

until it withers



As her

ghostly flesh

Coldly shivers



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Equilibrium (a re-post for Earth Day)



She flew over meadows
Over rivers & brooks
And held conversations
With articulate rooks 


Who told her a tale
Of when mankind resided
And the balance of nature
Irreparably subsided 


How they ravaged her soul
And ripped out her heart
And watched their green world
Slowly depart 


How the creatures of woods
Of forests, and meadows
Had to flee from their dens

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From The Hollow

There's often screams
Within my dreams
That linger on


Or so it seems 


They burrow deep 
Into the hollow
Until my nib 
Of love & sorrow


Sets them free
Upon the page
From  whence 
They scream 
Poetic rage! 

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I had a problem with inspiration 
A sort of brain constipation 
But then I had a great idea
I'd write this piece of diarrhoea!


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A Dead Good Night

She was a pretty little sight
This lady of the night 
But, when I asked her for a drink
In my neck her teeth did sink
Now I'm part of the undead
And she lives inside my head
And instead of drinking beer
I sip blood (with a hint of fear!)

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             together that night
Under golden shards of starlight
Skin glistening with sweat & tears
A caress to hide our deepest fears
We trickled down like teardrops
Made mercury under a brightening moon
Lips Softly touching 
Hearts merging
The anticipation 
of the life we could have 
        If not for life itself
There was one last look
Through glistening pools of...

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Within a forest
Within a dream
She danced amongst the evergreens


Until the moonlight 
Turned her pale
To become the forest's ghostly tale.

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My Little Girl



Sssh, it's just the thunder 

My little girl

Pack a bag

Don't feel sad

I know Daddy has to stay 

But he's keeping 

The big bad wolves at bay

Don't cry, don't cry!

We'll say goodbye

He'll come back soon

And bring the moon

And we'll eat it

With a big, fat spoon!

That's more like it!

Giggles & smiles

Daddy can see them 

From miles &...

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UkraineSenseless War

Bad Seed

I fell into a well
Down in the depths 
of hell
And in the fiery flames
I etched a thousand names
Of all who'd let me bleed
Mummy's poisoned little seed
Was scraping, scraping
Battered body baking
Etching, etching 
Hellfire fetching
Every little name
For every little shame
Will be screaming, bleeding
The darkness in me feeding
Needing, conceding 
A symphony of pleading
Such music w...

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She said,

It's all for free: 

The air 

The trees

The drifting breeze

The luscious grass

The hidden pass

The moonlit sand

And sun drenched land

The cooling rain

To cleanse the pain


Of never seeing you again.



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Starlight (re-post)


On a cold winter's night

They sat, hand in hand

Ravaged by time

Old in design


Two dinosaurs

In a digital age

Still in analogue love

Upon a wireless hub


Sitting on a park bench

Beneath a full moon

At the end of their time

Bodies poised to resign 


As frost gathers around

They glisten as one

Hands intertwined

Old parchment defined



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Old agelove

What is it I see?



what is it I see?

In this place down below

Where rich tides of life 

ebb, and then flow


Where beauty & horror 

Rub shoulders like friends 

And the dominant species 

Both destroy, and defend


What is it I see?

When the colours of dawn

Turn, too soon, to darkness 

In a gathering storm


Not made from the seasons

But the breath of i...

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Fantastic Women!

(International Women's Day!)


Women are fantastic 

Although, sometimes,  erratic

They have eyes in the back of their heads

As well as at the front

That can shoot little daggers

When you're being a total …naughty boy


They can do 3 things at once

And not break a sweat

And instinctively know

When you've placed a winning bet!


They smell money as if  it's ...

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International Women's day

Night-time Serenade



The dusk turns to dark

As I look to the sky

With starlight reflected

In the blue of my eyes


Softly, into focus 

Shine the heroes of old

Each golden cluster

A tale to be told:


The Hunter & his Hounds

Search the night sky

For dragons & serpents

And horses that fly


Whilst Perseus 

Gives Andromeda the eye

And grabs her a moonbe...

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A Stale Wind


What am I but air

Another breath

In an increasingly breathless world

Another sigh

In a whirlwind of exasperation 

Unheard against the halitosis 

of  political exhaling 

Dissipating under the hot breath

of false rhetoric 

And hot-air promises 

Soon to blow away 

Like the weary farts 

Of a backbench octogenarian 

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Your Scar


(For the girl who haunts my dreams still)


Dear Daddy,


Not that you'd care, but

All that I wanted 

was to make you proud

But, I was too stupid

Too fat

Too loud


All you ever did 

was bring me down

I was your scar

Your permanent frown


I was your verbal punchbag

In your whiskey fuelled state

Never felt like your child 

Just a vess...

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Abusepsychologymental health



There was a certain lure

of idleness

Within waves

of her golden hair

A tranquil haven to escape

From the worldly normal fayre


Her eyes

were hidden treasures

Of ruby & emerald glimmer

Her skin sparkled

like frosty morns

Under moonlit silvery shimmers


As I dived into

her ocean deep

She drowned me in delight

Then sang a lament

old & true


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The Witches Glee


Light me a candle

For, my soul has gone

The dark came & took it

Upon the breath of a song


Twas the whisper of witches

In my fertile ear

Who picked the sweet fruit

Of my low-hanging fear


And they grew me a forest

For my charmed mind to dwell

Whilst my body committed

Itself unto Hell


And the blood kept on flowing

'Till the day I awoke:


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She danced with fluidity

Full of creativity

Down the bind

Of my mind

To adjectives hidden

Nouns spinning

Pirouetting through

Fantastical lands

Through tales of time

And shifting sands

Through a forest darkly

Lightly upon toes

Silhouetted by Ravens

In twilight's last throes

Weaving ballets from thoughts

To a symphony of verse

Bringing tragedy & l...

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Awaiting Bliss


I'm no longer me, she said


Later, when clouds passed by

Her mind went with them

She discovered it, sometime later

in a jar upon a dusty shelf

In a room unfamiliar

Where Time had nibbled away

at the glistening softness

to leave a part of it missing

But she wasn't to know

It was others who relayed it

In sympathetic stares

And, enforced, Mona Lisa smiles


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Twilight's Caress

My heart lies exposed

In twilight's caress

Stripped to the bone

Undressed of my flesh

Moonlit and dawn kissed

My soul, briefly, free

In-between life and dream

The twilight, and me



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Mr Rhubarb


Song for politicians (wine & cheese update)


There's a...


Great view from my Ivory Tower

The window is frosted, but I still feel the power.

Got my...


Savile suite so I feel the part

But I like to pretend I got it straight from Primark

I feed my…


Flock through the magical lense

My sincere smile upon your telly transcends

And I'm…


Fully t...

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Politicianswine & cheese

How It Should Bee...





Modern world blocking the transmission?

Too much traffic? 

A world too erratic


Does the whispering grass 

still play a tune

Or has brick and mortar 

brought it to ruin?


This world is so fast!

Take me back to the past!

It makes such a din

I don't know where to begin!


And cars, 

bloody cars everywhere!

If I had an...

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The Tramp


Broken glass lies in the gutter

Discarded by bloody hands

Under a frigid, pale sun

keeping warmth to itself

The tramp stoops to pick a shard

A smear of blood at its tip

Whose blood is it?

A stranger's?

His daughter's?

It could be, for all he knows

It's been so long

Since he failed

Since he let them down

Since he gave up trying

Sometimes, the mind


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If Ever I Fall



If ever I fall will you catch me

And sing me a sweet lullaby?

To stitch up my heart when it's broken

For I've never been good at goodbyes


Would you weave me a story of wonder

To light up my mind when it's cold?

And chase all the darkness & thunder

From the emptiness of my soul?


If ever I fall


Would you pick me up in your arms

And take me back ...

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