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I Hope

I hope you'll love what's left of me

After life has had its fill

I hope you'll see in those old eyes

There's love & laughter still


I hope my skin of brittle parchment 

Can be traced by loving fingers 

I hope this weary sheet of braille 

Shows an epilogue still lingers 


I hope our hands still intertwine 

Like stars cling to the sky

I hope we waltz through amb...

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The pallid frost of her skin 

shone a winter's moonlight 

Her tributaries of ocean blue

fell tranquil 

Gently sagging into noble retirement 

Her last breath 

fondly drifting through familiar chambers, 

extinguishing each final lustre 

of  home


It groaned a sweet goodbye 


Time to rest, ma'am 

Time to rest

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Our Lily

Our lily of the valley

Has shed her petals free

To drift upon the winds of time

In her own sweet Galilee 


The Mother of our nation

So long its beating heart 

Offers her earthly shell to rest

For her soul must now depart


So free it roams, through gilded vale

And bonny lochs & moors

Past stag & hare, & fragrant fayre 

To dusk's misty allures 


Where ...

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Love doesn't care what you look like

It can flutter your belly with a conversation 

Make sunshine from a smile

Or, find your forever in a passing glance

Letting your heart get all funky

And your soul do a soulful dance


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In the mirror I saw my own fragility 

Sagging contours weighed heavy by age

An arid landscape of fissures and brushland 

Time had eaten away its lustre 

Leaving a fallow space

The eyes, once sparkled crystal blue

Now faded pale & weary

I studied this ageing fossil 

This reflection of reality 

Scratching at the brushland

Wondering what time had done

with the young m...

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A Winter's Chill

Upon a winter's 

Midnight stroll 

I came across 

A pallid soul

Who, like the snow

Was cold & fair

With tearful eyes

Of such despair

I offered her

A warming hand

And woke within

A frozen land

Where, I myself

Turned cold & fair

With tearful eyes 

Of dark despair

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New Arrival...

He thought the large clock on the wall 

may well have been an antique 

Perhaps, from an old railway station

It equally could have been a replica

Bought at The Range, or online, of course

The arms frozen at 2.22

Today? Yesterday? 


The rest of the kitchen was impeccable 

Clean as a whistle (a railway attendant's perhaps?)

The old glazed porcelain sink:


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When I am too old for life

And life has taken all I have 

When my breath is but a shallow whisper 

And the whisper turns a winter's breeze 

When my heart quivers its last offering to time

And time graciously accepts

When my eyes forever slumber

And slumber takes my soul


I think that I shall linger still 

In the periphery of twilight's yawning


And in smiles, ...

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Good Morning!

The sparkling dew

Provides the bling

My soundtrack

Are the birds who sing 

My coffee steams

With rainbow dreams

As weary eyes


View capricious skies

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Morning Dew

The woody petrichor

tingles my nose

as she brings me coffee

under the dimming lights

of a pergola

The rain has calmed the air

And the dawn starts to crack the clouds

with shards of yawning sunlight

She smiles

Her eyes twinkle like morning dew

I watch her saunter away

 And take a hot, comforting sip

of coffee 

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The moon says goodnight 

bathed in silvery light

As I turn on my pillow,

like a weeping willow:

my dreams hang so low

So I get mine to go!

But in the waking light

of dawn

My dreams have no form

Like a murky lake of glimpses

That teases, but never convinces… 

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Key to peace

In the turning of the key

In the locking of a door

I find a quiet solitude

Where the world matters

no more

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The Garden

The barbs of your tongue

Cut me to shreds

Unpicking my mind's 

Most delicate threads 


So I weaved myself words

From the pit of my soul 

To replace all the light

And the joy you had stole


Then I ripped myself free

From your talons of spite

Spilling ink upon page

Under dawn's weary light


And I bled, intravenous 

Through roots of my mind 


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Love & Grief

Love & grief 

Are but the same

Both distort

Your mental frame

With tears of joy

Or tears of pain

Life will never 

Be the same

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Golden days

On the river's edge

At York 

Pint of ale & little talk

Honey-drizzled boats

Float by

Draped in sunlight's

Last goodbye 🍻🌞

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I sat on our favourite 

park bench

Holding the echo

of your hand

Catching your smile

in glimmers of sunlight 

The cherry blossom tree

crying delicate tears

of soft petals

brushing my skin

with gentle kisses

I closed my eyes

and saw you shaking that tree

Blowing all those little kisses

over to me

Your smile like the sunrise 

Your eyes of sapphire blue


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I had a dream

I hailed a dream 

One dark night

To find myself 

In a place not right


My choices had 

Been taken away 

By a backward court 

Of the grand old ways!


The old wild west

Still held its sway

They said it was

Their country's way


The right to bear arms

Still had its freedom 

No matter how many

Kids were  bleedin'


And all LGBTQ

Had to w...

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I awoke to a grainy black & white

A pale moonlight 

cast vague puppets of shadow

around the canvas of bare walls

All fidgeting like an impatient audience 

From below

I could hear the hollow crackle

of a gramophone 

An old folk song

drifting through time

Serenading &  haunting the ear

I reached out for my wife 

but there was only cold, undisturbed sheets

But, ...

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The passion & the pride

20 goals scored

Only 1 conceded 

Passion & pride?

These girls bleed it

The finest of Mead

Bronze turning gold

Russo's cheeky gem

Such sights to behold!

The guttural purr

Is now a roar

The anticipation

Of the Wembley rapport

Let us shake the foundations

And rattle our cages

Let voices break barriers

And echo through ages

Let Lionesses be

The Pride ...

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Euro22prideEngland .

The Chalice

The dying drip

Through cracks of time

Where past and present realign

Into the grail

Where sipped divine

For, knowledge

is the finest wine

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A Single Cloud

After you were gone

My heart fell apart

A jigsaw without structure 

A mess of lonely parts


I think you took me with you

My breath, my life, my soul 

For all that remained 

Was this deep & vacant hole


One day I fell into its depths 

Without thought of return

Crumbling to a waste of ash

In my own neglected urn


But, I awoke blinking 

At the sun's ...

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He only came 

To rock n roll

But freed a million 

Repressed souls

Salvation found 

In a pelvic thrust 

Releasing dreams

Of untold lust

God & the Devil

Rolled into one

The old generation 

Wanted him gone!

But there he stayed 

For decades long

The rock n roll king

Kept rockin' along!


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A Song Of Earth

There'll come a time

When we exist no more 

No Earth

No Sun


No before 


Only dust upon

the solar winds

A folklore tale

the universe sings

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Sea Witch


She drifted on the oceans spray 

And any sailor to come her way

Would get a hook beneath his jaw

And dragged down to the oceans floor

To feed the creatures of the deep

And harvest souls for her to keep!

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Playground Decorations


The missiles came today

Took my child away

At least she was at play!

But, won't see another day


I know I'll see her soon

There'll be more this afternoon!

And then we both shall be immune

To the flesh & guts festooned!

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I wanna look out 

my window

I wanna go where 

my thoughts go

But I can't get out of 

my bed though


I'm lonely

A sad little 

one trick pony

Waiting for someone 

to phone me

To tell them this condition

don't own me


I dream about

Simply getting up 

and walking out

Seeing what this beautiful

world's about 

Filling my lungs and


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Idle Thoughts



Life's great ambition 

Is merely

To survive itself 




I am not 

what I am

So I am

what I'm not


Former land of the free


Every great civilisation 

Consumes itself from the inside out, eventually 

Welcome to the genesis of Gilead!


Time Less


The mind is a time machine 

…Until it's broken

Then memories lay do...

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Beyond the rolling, molten sky

There dwells a place for when we die

To be reborn in starlight's eye

 A genesis of every you & I


We'll seek out worlds yet to be seen

Become creations brightest gleam

Sew the thread within the seam

To weave new worlds of  endless dreams

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The Sorrows

Its spine slithered, snake-like 

around the corpse of my soul

Her withered tongue extracting 

from life , what I had stole 


Come scream!

Come scream!

For the beast must be seen! 

Come swallow 


For there is 

no tomorrow !


Such a flaying shall occur

In the pits of our despair !


Creeping, seeping

Rotting eyes weeping!


The ol...

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A Simple Question

I asked God, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked Allah, what is my purpose? 

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked the Buddha, what is my purpose?

There was nothing, but the stillness of time

I asked my daughter,  what is my purpose?

She said, with a wrinkled brow 

To be my Dad, of course 

To have met & married my Mam


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The Whisper In The Attic

"Voices carry here, my boy

They drift from open fields

Can get caught under the eaves

Sometimes, they settle in the attic

In the creaking of the joists

In the rot of old wood

And whisper things…

Things long forgotten-


Things best forgotten!


Don't listen t' them, boy

They ain't for hearin'!

Just let them bleed

Let them seep 

Let the grieving 


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Bird Flew

There was a young girl from peru

Who loved a cockatoo…

She then met a raven

Started misbehavin'

And off the cockatoo flew!


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This Day

As we stroll,

the dusky pink of a morning sunrise 

turns the fields to candy floss. 

We get sticky and wet 

from the sweetest dew.

I stifle a yawn, 

and the softness and scent 

of moisturised skin 

briefly brushes the redness

of my sun-flushed cheek.

She smiles,

all dimples & eyes of blue serenity.

And, for a moment,

there is no world but us.


Later, w...

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Vanilla Sky

Skies of strawberry cream

With a hint of  a lazy daydream

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There was a young man from Peru

Who dressed up as a shy Kangaroo

He liked how the pouch

When he sat on the couch 

Covered his didgeridoo! 

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Hammer Time!


He called his wife

A lazy trollop

And so she gave him

Such a wallop!


Then, found a hammer

And gave him more

Now, the poor fellow

Is no more!

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The great baboon himself



Rule defying 


Such pomposity 

Within oneself 

No cheese or wine

Left on the shelf


But, I'm sure he'll eat

His gorgeous self

And raise a toast

To his best of health!


And all the chimps

Who flung votes his way

To steer clear of 

The redundancy highway


Think he's the one

The t...

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Within a pillow

softly lay

My idle mind 

in dreamy sway


Smiles of pearls

from sun lit oceans

Gleam treasured hearts

of romantic notions


In honeyed fields

of fragrant fayre

A ballet of blossom

dances on air 


Breezes strummed

by notes of lute

Serenade wild fields

of the ripest fruit


Trees with leafy hair

of colour

Shed autumn ...

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She turned


Her face 

brightened by shadow

Her smile 

the darkening of light

Her eyes 


Her life 



But in the stars

she could breath

In craters made

from fragments

of long lost worlds

Feed from minerals

of galaxies unknown 

Her phosphorus heart

radiating internal 

Slowly growing 

to a supernova 

So ...

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Where's Queen?


Queen popping round


"It's Jubilee, Son"


6 years old

Street party

The like I'd never seen



Dried up sandwiches 

with curled up edges

Homemade Cake!

Homemade Pies! 


Rhubarb with sugar dip

Penny chews & lollies 

& pear drops & sherdet 

"It's sher -Bet"


Where's Queen?

"Missed the bus"


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He worked in supplies

Now he fights 'til he dies 

Whilst his children's eyes glisten

To a god that won't listen

And their Mother releases

Her broken heart pieces 

In the hope he can find them

And to his heart bind them

So he knows she is there

In his final despair

When his flesh, draping loose

In the red reaper's noose 

Finds peace in their beating

Though the...

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#withukraine #senseless

A Calling

The lads have escaped league 1 at last! 😁 A little poem I did pre game.


Can you hear them?


The shipbuilder's hammer

The picks upon the seams

Drifting up from glories past

Still harbouring foretold dreams 


The whispering of legends

Still bleeding red n white 

The time is here, the time is now

Time to put things right!


The Roker Roar still lingers


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Winter Song (10 line challenge)

Beyond his window 


Where his breath melted the frost


The snow sparkled like a blanket of stars


He could see her smile


Drifting up from memories past


Her portrait dancing in candlelight 


He held the present he never gave her


The radio reminiscing in the background 


Mud, crooning Lonely this Christmas 


I will be, he thought. Wit...

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Her Words

Her thoughts 

fell like petals

Softly upon



Turning Scribbles 

into blossom 

Full of wonder

and enchantment 


Her blood became ink

Her heart, a beating scroll

Sonnets were her tears

Weeping from her soul 


From her lips, a couplet

A stanza's sweet caress

Inhaling words, exhaling verse

Poetry made flesh! 

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All Fall Down...

Down in the valley 

Where wild things grow

There came a mist

Of long ago


Within the haze:

A nursery rhyme


Dark webs of time

Ring o' Rosie 

If you please

Come float with us

Upon the breeze


It gets so lonely

Down in the ether

So Mother says

It's time to feed her 


Pockets full 

Of posies rare

From a time

No lo...

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Keep the ship asail, boy

For one day you shall die

Beneath the whip & chains, boy

Your soul shall surely cry 

How dare you break those Shackles, boy!

Your slavery is your duty!

Get back down under decks, boy!

This is pure mutiny!



"Why do you throw me over, boy!"


"Cos, with freedom, boy, there comes much  joy!"


Definitely could be longer lol. But th...

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I Wonder If...

I wonder if you

Ever got to hold

the starlight in your eyes

In the palm of your hand 

When you left


I wonder if you

Spin candy floss

from passing clouds

And siphon cider

from the sun


I wonder if you 

Weave blankets from dusk

And yawn 

the colours of dawn


I wonder if you 

Shower in rainbows

And shake the colours 

upon waking flowers


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The blue sky is my ceiling 
The fluffy clouds my pillow
And here I lounge in dreamy bliss
Beneath a weeping willow 


The sunlight catching idle thoughts
To turn them into rays
And scatter them
Like sunny seeds
To brighten darker days

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My Lonely Love


Do not weep
My lonely love
I'll find ye
in the heather
Within the garden
of our souls
Where we
shall join together 


Like days of old
My lonely love
We'll bathe  
in amber light
And be preserved
My lonely love 
'Til time
bids us goodnight


Painting by Aaron Geraud

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Oh Sweet Bird Of Youth

Don't fall from your perch
Oh sweet bird of youth
For life doesn't always 
Tell you the truth 


There's many who lie
Deep in their lies 
And hover around
Like unwanted flies


But, pay no heed
Oh sweet bird of youth
Ignore those who taunt
Or call you uncouth 


For you are the blossom 
The sweet morning dew
Unique to yourself 
The most beautiful you!


You're t...

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