Gods supermarket

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I went to the supermarket,

Right in my car I parked it.

I washed my hands,

Pulled on my mask.


I cleaned the handles

Of the black plastic basket

I’m not one to risk it.

So I did the safety.


I walked around.

A lovely cob,

A micro meal,

Some milk green top.


I walked along the arrows

That defined the narrows.

A guy came the other way.

He had no mask.


So not being shy

I gave him reply

To his face

I showed him grace.


“You ought to wear a mask mate”

“God will look after me”!

“If its my time he’ll tell me”.

I was punched in the mind!


So I said “I don’t care about your faith”

“He can take you if he wants.

But don’t  kill me with your

False lost phoney faith!.”


It made me ponder

A vaccine? Coming sometime.

Will he see “god” in a vial?

Or will he die within a while.


If you think God will save us,

What didn’t save

Nearly a million now?

Leave me alone.


Go take yourself

And do your goods

In some spiritual spot,

In gods fathomless holy shop.

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Paul Sayer

Thu 24th Sep 2020 18:33

God, Ha! Ha!

He is never about when you really need him is he.

Just imagine how many twats think they are 'saved' by god!

My mind is boggling at the state of mankind and their inability to THINK for themselves.

I am fine God is on my side... Face palming more each day.

Oh! Almost forgot to comment on the poem...

This line: "I was punched in the mind!"


I might steal this line like a thief in the night.

Yes, I know that's a biblical reference I have spent many an hour studying the good book and well, I'm still not convinced.


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