We Walk to the Sun

On lighter feet and with brighter eyes

we have set out on this journey.

With heads held higher and shoulders back

we turn our faces toward the dawn.

The song in our hearts carries on the wind

as our voices sing out our anthem –

life over death and hope in our chests,

what was broken is bound and set right again.

We carry no misconceptions.

Our minds are far from naïve.

Darkness always follows the setting of the sun

and lurks in the unknown places,

but we who were born into that darkness

have found for ourselves a marvelous sight.

There shining in the depths of blackness

a light so dim at the beginning,

but growing and consuming the fear that bound us

until we were bathed in its brilliance

and blinded by its radiance.

So into that light we have come,

and through that light we have passed

from nothingness into existence.

Far be it from us to forget such beginnings

or the demise we narrowly escaped.

Far be it from us to walk on pretending

that destruction is not so close on our heels,

but we know in the light that such devastation

no longer holds the deed to our souls.

Nor do we dread what once did enslave us,

for those chains are broken and the bars torn asunder,

and we have died to what once held us.

So with our song we carry on,

our backs to the graves behind us.

Now alive with today in our hand,

we who have breath carry on,

awake and yet dreaming, blind and yet seeing,

we shine as we walk to the sun.

◄ Tension

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 00:33

Sea.Green and Jordyn, thank you for the likes. ☺️

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 00:32

Robert, thank you! When I first wrote this I felt like it was not so good. My wife encouraged me that this wasn’t the case. I’m glad she did. And thank you again for the encouragement.

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 00:31

Adam, thank you for saying that. It took the crumbling of a religious mindset to awaken me to living a spiritual life anew.

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 00:29

Paul, I went back and re-read Tension after reading this one and you’re right. Tension is the first part, Into the Unknown is the middle, and We Walk to the Sun wraps it up in an open ended kind of way.

I have been feeling pretty alone lately. It’s good to hear the reminder and to know that I’m truly not alone.

Paul, thank you. 😊

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Mon 14th Sep 2020 00:27

Nicola, thank you. I am living toward that end every day.

Robert Haigh

Sun 13th Sep 2020 22:25

A tour de force! Very well written!

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Adam Whitworth

Sun 13th Sep 2020 10:08

Very strong inspirational poem, bravo!

It brings to my mind the thought that even as authoritarian religions crumble, spirituality remains untouched.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 13th Sep 2020 08:03

This is the very answer to your poem 'Tension'

Remember you never walk alone.

..."So with our song, we carry on,

our backs to the graves behind us."

Here in that one line Shehariah.


Nicola Beckett

Sun 13th Sep 2020 05:02

Beautiful keep shining that light....

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