The Man We Used To Know


Stitches dominate

his facial expression

a Halloween mask

with weird eyes

and scary x's

all across his face

like a trail marked

on a pirate's map

a roadmap of stitches that

follows a curve

scares pets and small children

stops people in their tracks

this bizarre creation

with weepy creepy eyes

looks so eerie and bizarre

but when

the stitches come out

it will be his unmasking

and hopefully his face returns

to wanted normalcy

restores him to his former self

and we will see once more

the man we used to know

the man in the mirror

the man who

wrote this poem.



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Kevin T.S. Tan

Wed 16th Sep 2020 22:23

It takes courage to be vulnerable. Thanks for sharing it

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julie callaghan

Wed 16th Sep 2020 12:18

Hope you are doing well. If this poem is about yourself, just wanted to let you know that my mum had major surgery on her nose and face a couple of years ago and her recovery was amazing to say the least. Her scars healed very well and she did not need any further treatment. I hope this brings you some comfort.

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