A swan's dream comes true

I love being a swan a partner I do seek,

I'm majestic,graceful,white with a yellow beak.

I possess a beak with saw like edges for my teeth,

My long neck delves for plants deep underneath.


I love my elongated curved neck,

Its flexibility keeps me in check.

I have 25,000 feathers to keep me warm,

Over canals and lakes with family swarm.


With a streamlined body and webbed feet,

Insects,tadpoles and small fish I  eat.

I'm destined to  meet the love of my life,

I would be devastated not to find a wife.


Fortunately I found my life long mate at the age of four,

Shaking our wings together with the one I adore.

After mating she laid six eggs in three weeks,

We sat on them ,vigourosly protecting them with our beaks.


When the eggs hatched we were   uplifted,

With six cygnets we were both  gifted.

The future,six white flying flames warming up the sky,

Slicing through the water pleasing to the eye.







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