The Omnipresent Threat Of Death

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Society is lost,

Consciousness is gone,

They have rejected their spirits,

It didn't take very long,

Electronically connected,

Yet physically farther than ever,

People don't want to face themselves,

It's a thought they dread to endeavor,

The clock is ticking,

Just take a deep breath,

Your losing your mortality,

The omnipresent threat of death,

Materialistic clydescopes,

The cynicistic nihilists',

Such a terrible world view,

For the pessimistic malists',

Humanity has a big problem,

That problem is their ego!

It sucks away their energy,

Like blood siphoned from a mosquito,

Many will go through life,

Feeling like they want more,

Devouring everything in sight,

Like a ravenous carnivore,

Greed overtakes them,

Selfishness is prime,

The materialistic nihilist,

Says fuck everything that's divine,

In order to find peace,

You must build a spiritual foundation,

Otherwise you'll be lost,

In your contentious indignation's.



September 26, 2020


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